Try It Tuesday: 9 in 1 Multi-functional Mesh Desk Organizer

9 in 1 Multi-functional Mesh Desk Organizer
Manufacturer: Mocreo
Size / Weight:  8.66* 4.33* 4.33 inch  / 14.11 oz
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

[Keeps desk and bathroom tidy for you] With 8 compartments and 1 pull out drawer,there is plenty of space to store a range of items such as pens, pencils, tape,highlighters, scissors, stapler, hole punch, tooth brush, shaver and other office school or home supplies

[Unique and stable design] 4 little plastic pads on the bottom of the unit helps hold the unit in place, also perfectly prevents scratches on your desktop or your tabletop

[Dimension: 8.66* 4.33* 4.33 inch (22*11*11cm)] Doesn’t take up too much room and is really handy for notes, pens and tape. It also can be used at home for storing your keys, mobile phone, wallet, jewelry and makeups

[Mesh Metal Body] Both suit for office stuffs and school teacher or students

[Save Time and Stress] This MOCREO desk tidy is elegant in its simplicity, and thoughtfully created with details that help you stay organized. Spend less time looking for what you need and more time focusing on what matters


Review:  I tend to be a bit of a neat freak.  It’s not compulsive, but I do like having things in their place, especially when it comes to my desk.  There’s nothing worse than trying to find something and having to dig through a cluttered drawer.  So, when I was asked to review a desk organizer, how could I say no.

20151111_163827The 9 in 1 Multi-functional Mesh Desk Organizer arrived pretty well packaged.  I appreciated that the drawer was twist-tied closed to avoid damage during shipping.  It was easy to get ready for use.

The organizer has a drawer, 4 pen holders, 3 smaller trays and then one longer tray.  I decided to take the organizer into my day job since I don’t really have a desk at home.  I was able to get all my pens, highlighters and dry erase markers to fit in the pen holders.  I used the drawer to store a few pieces of candy and then the trays held my ear buds, a USB cord and some other odds and ends.    And there’s still room for more.

I like the look of the black mesh.  The mesh allows you to clearly see everything in the organizer, while still looking stylish and clean.  It’s also relatively sturdy.  Unless you’re standing on it, you shouldn’t have any problems with it bending or warping.

I like the idea that this organizer can be used in other rooms of the house.  Imagine it in the bathroom with toothbrushes and floss or makeup brushes and eyeliners.  Or how about in the garage to hold loose nails, screws and other tools?   If you’d like a versatile organizer, look no further.