Try It Tuesday: 5 Piece USB Night Light


5 Piece USB Night Light
Manufacturer: DROK
Size: 27 x12 mm
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

Power supply: power supply with USB connector (especially for your unused usb smartphone charger)
Unique design: this item has a hole for key chain, thus it is convenient and easy to carry out.
Small heating generator meaning it generates little heating even work for long time
Good choice if you want to put it in baby room or aisle for decoration or whatever reasons


Review: I had no idea what to expect when I asked to review the 5 Piece USB Night Light. I thought they would be weak little lights, but I was completely wrong.These lights are very bright and extremely easy to use.

I first plugged one of the USB Night Lights into my computer. I was almost blinded by the light because I was looking directly into it. I flipped over the USB Night Light and plugged it in the opposite direction and it still worked. Therefore, there isn’t a “correct” way to plug them into a USB port. I have a portable battery charger for my cellphone that has a USB port. I decided I’d try the DROK USB Night Light in my charger to see if I could use it as a flashlight or reading light. It worked perfectly. This little light lite up my entire bedroom with ease.

After walking around the house with the light, I decided to try it outside. From my front porch I could see the light shining off of my truck that is parked about 25 feet away. Walking around the yard, it was very easy to see where I was going. I am very impressed with these lights.

They are lightweight and have a keychain hole so you can attach the light to your key ring. Everyone I have shown the DROK USB Night Light to has been completely amazed. I’ve already had two people ask where I got them so they can order some. I will definitely be using these on road trips with my kids. They are always reading books when it is way too dark. The above head lights in my truck are a distraction. I can use these USB Night Lights in my AC adaptor and not be affected by the light. It is a win-win for me and my kids.