Review: Frontier Gift of Love by Dorothy Wiley

Frontier Gift of Love by Dorothy Wiley
Series: American Wilderness Series Romance (# 5)
Release Date: November 5, 2015
Publisher: self published
Pages: 344
Source: book provided by the author for review



Catherine’s life is at stake. Captain Sam Wyllie is forced to face his darkest fear and make an impossible choice. A wrong choice will shatter their blissful world and everything that matters to him. For his wife and unborn child to survive, his love will have to be stronger than their misfortunes. It’s December 1799, and Sam and Catherine are expecting, but their unborn babe is in grave danger and Catherine might not live through the child’s birth. Sam is desperate to find a way to save them both.

Sam’s courageous heart is sorely tested. He frantically searches for a solution to the impending crisis as their winter in the beautiful Kentucky wilderness grows even more troubled. Heavily armed, cold-blooded men arrive to buy Wyllie Mountain, in Sam’s home state of New Hampshire. The land is sentimental to Sam and he refuses to sell. But these ruthless men will do anything to force him to sign over the deed. Sam must not only stop these determined men, he needs to uncover who sent them, and why they want his mountain. If you love thrilling historical romance, don’t miss this action-packed read with a heart-pounding finish.

FRONTIER GIFT OF LOVE, set in what was then America’s West, is the highly-anticipated fifth novel in the American Wilderness Series Romances (however each book may be read independently). Like Dorothy Wiley’s four other award-winning novels, this exciting tale is emotionally powerful. A Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal winner for Westerns, Wiley continues to earn five-star ratings from readers. Her epic frontier stories captivate readers of romance, westerns, and historical fiction. Charmed by the beauty of her poignant love stories, romance lovers cheer for her endearing heroes and heroines. Spell-bound by horrific events and heinous villains, readers of westerns fear for her valiant characters–settlers of the untamed West. But all readers appreciate Wiley’s ability to take them on a thrilling journey to a new world for the brave. With her singular voice, passionate narrative, and thrilling plots, Wiley has written an enthralling, highly romantic, and timeless series.


Review:  This is the fifth book in Wiley’s American Wilderness series and it did not disappoint. This book opens with its prologue in 1799 in Kentucky where all of the story takes place except that it’s set in different locations. The prologue seamlessly brings us up to speed and flawlessly picks up where the last book left off.

This is Catherine and Sam’s story but it is really a story of all the Wyllies. We are reunited with brothers Sam, William, Stephen and Bear and their wives and families and enough background is given if this is the first book of Wiley’s that you pick up that you won’t feel lost. The love and affection they feel for one another is strong and flows through to the reader. It was nice to see Kelly’s father, Rory, have a major role in the story. There are many twists and turns, some dark moments and others lighthearted, but such is the life in the wilderness. Kentucky is still a rough place and there are a lot of dangerous characters looking to make a quick buck at other’s expense. The womenfolk once again show that they are definitely forces to be reckoned with and that they will survive especially with their men folk at their sides. We get to learn more about Artis, Bear’s wife, and I love everything about her. She fits right in to the family and captures their hearts along with Bear’s. There were once again wonderful descriptions of the land, the animals, the homes and the relationships between friends and foe. The scenery was often breathtaking. The story flowed from page to page and had family and friends, fear, undesirables, danger, fights, weapons, good guys and bad, heartache and happiness along with tears, kidnappings, dreams, racing, hard work, food, romance and love. There was a happily ever after and nice closure and the epilogue tied up loose ends and was the icing on the cake.

Wiley is one of my favorite new authors and each book I read cements it even more. I love her accurate portrayal of the settling of the American Frontier, one of my favorite times in history, and also how her characters are so real. I was thrilled to find out that the series will continue with a sixth book that I can’t wait to read – even if it doesn’t come out until 2016. Bravo for another job well done, Ms. Wiley!

Favorite Quote:  ..He quickly selected an assortment of toys and even found a pretty hair comb for Kelly.  After all, she would always be his little girl, even if she was married and had a child of her own.





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