Review: Denial by Natalie Dae

Denial by Natalie Dae
Series: What’s Her Secret?
Release Date: November 24, 2015
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 259
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



Her heart had been broken. How could it ever be mended?

Sometimes life has a habit of breaking a person, but Lori’s discovered there’s a reason for it. Better things are around the corner. She didn’t realize that at first, but after things went sour, a light beckoned, an anchor in the form of a man named Jaska.

He ignites her soul, understands her needs more than she does. She embarks on a journey, one that has many twists and turns, and with Jaska guiding her, she doesn’t think it can go wrong. Except there are terms to their relationship, a contract they’re bound by, and no matter what, they’re not supposed to express how they feel about each other. It’s dangerous—falling in love isn’t allowed.

But Lori has fallen in love, and the year Jaska has given to teach her the ways of the lifestyle is both pain and pleasure—and not only from spankings. It’s pain—she loves him but can’t express it. It’s pleasure—she gets to spend time with him.

Denial is the name of the game for both of them. Deny their feelings and everything will work out fine. But Lori knows that somewhere down the line during this year she’ll have to open her mouth and tell him how she feels. The question is—when?


Review:  With all the titles available today in the erotica genre, I can always count on author Natalie Dae to deliver a fresh perspective.

In Denial, the author introduces Lori and Jaska. Reeling from a break-up, Lori turns to an online site to try and identify the sexual urges she’s been having. Jaska is willing to show her the ropes, so to speak, but part of their agreement specifies that feelings are not to be communicated. As Lori grows as a submissive, both characters struggle to deny a growing attraction. That struggle becomes the central theme of the story — one that captured my attention immediately.

The author skillfully wove a story demonstrating the connection between pain and pleasure. As a matter of fact, I doubt that I will ever look at a tube of hand lotion or a red brush without thinking of this story. However, the storyline’s appeal lies in the non-traditional approach. Whips and paddles look somewhat ordinary now! In the beginning, Lori didn’t even really have a label for her urges, much less any idea that there were others with those very same feelings. Her evolution from a broken woman feeling somewhat worthless to one able to express her desires was remarkable.

As a part of the What’s Her Secret series, Denial explores Lori’s introduction to a world where she’s finally able to be herself. Her initiation into the BDSM lifestyle unfolded through emails and webcam interactions before Lori and Jaska finally met. The emphasis on the mental aspect provides a true glimpse into the reality of the lifestyle.

From start to finish, I found this to be an interesting story, complete with plenty of eye-opening kinky encounters.