Try It Tuesday: Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C Eye Gel


Super Brightening Vitamin C Eye Gel
Manufacturer: Joyal Beauty
Weight / Size: 2.4 oz.
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

✔ Best Anti Aging Cream for Eye Treatment and All Over Face Treatment. Supercharged with bioactive vitamin c,vitamin e,silk amino acid,hyaluronic acid,cucumber extract,licorice,MSM,aloe vera,jojoba oil. It will help you get rid of dark circles, eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, so you can achieve a youthful and radiant look.

✔ Safe and Effective for All Skin Types and for Men & Women. Non-comedogenic and will not clog pores. Lightweight eye gel to prevent fat particles. Best Organic Eye Cream WITHOUT: Parabens,Phthalates,Petrochemical,Silicone,Mineral Oils,Sulfates,Alcohol,Artificial Fragrances or dyes.

✔ Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles Under Eyes,Puffy eyes,Wrinkles and Fine Lines Under Eyes. * Bioactive Vitamin C- banishes dark circles by boosting collagen. Tighten and plump skin. Protect skin against free radicals and sun damage *Silk Protein Amino Acids- has low molecule weight that allows them to be easily absorbed through the skin. The silk protein binds with the keratin found in skin and helps to prevent moisture loss. Rebuild cells and repair tissue to diminish wrinkles. *Hyaluronic Acid-Reduces dryness and plumps the skin. *Cucumber Distillate-reduce the swelling and puffiness around the eyes.Vitamin E and potassium reduce fine lines. *MSM-Deeply hydrating and smoothing skin. *Licorice-Improve dark spots and hyperpigmentation. *Periwinkle-Improve oxygenation of the cells,diminish dark circles. Relieves acne, dermatitis and eczema.

✔ Cruelty free and made in USA in our FDA registered Lab.We’ve always been passionately against animal testing. We’ve never tested our products on animals.

✔ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed & Lifetime Money Back Warranty! If you are not completely satisfied, we will happily refund your money(You don’t even have to return the bottle to get your full refund!)


Review: I have recently been made aware of just how many beauty products still test on animals. In this day and age, I find that outrageous so I have been actively replacing all of my make-up and beauty products with cruelty-free products. It was opportune that this product came up for review as I needed to replace my under eye serum.

The first thing I noticed was the smell of the cream. It’s not a bad smell but it does remind me of the vegetable drawer in my refrigerator when I decide to eat healthy – lettuce, cucumber, celery. Basically, it smells green and fresh. It’s not a smell that lingers all day though. I only smelled it when I put it on.

The reason I use the eye gel is that I have very puffy eyes when I get up in the morning. Without something to “soothe” them and bring the puffiness down, they stay swollen looking all day long. Within half an hour, the puffiness is gone. Even better, it stays gone all day long.

I also have one of those ugly creases on my forehead that makes me look like I’m always frowning or in deep thought. I’ve been using the cream on that crease (I refuse to call it a wrinkle) and it seems to rub it out a little, make it slightly less severe.

I previously used the roll-on type of eye serum and with this one I had a little trouble with the pump. I tended to press too hard and got large blobs of eye cream rather than the small BB size I needed. It would be greatly helpful if the pump only put out the amount of cream you need for under the eyes.

I used this cream for a month to make sure I could give an honest opinion and review. I gladly give it 4 stars. If they improve the pump, I’ll take it to 5.