Try It Tuesday: Jebsens Portable Car Air Vent Mount for Mobile Phones


Jebsens Portable Car Air Vent Mount for Mobile Phones
Manufacturer: Jebsens
Weight / Size: 1.6 ounces/98x30x50mm
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • FITS MOST SMART PHONES – It supports large smartphones WIDTH range from 2.1 to 2.9 inches
  • SUPER STRONG GRIP – With the super strong grips to the air vent and the strong grips on the two edges of your device, it will keep you device safe and secure.
  • POCKET SIZED – It is lightweight and small so it fits easily into your pocket or bag. You can easily take it on an airplane trip and use it in a rental car. You can also use it in as a desk stand for your smartphone to watch videos on your phone.
  • FITS MOST AIR VENT – Securely mounts onto most car’s air vent (both horizontal and vertical) with the two grip settings, one for thicker vents and one for thinner vents. The rubber slots on the rear, that slide across your vents, protects your air vents from scratching. It also does not leave permanent stains and scratches at your dashboard. It holds your phone in a good position that is easily accessible, also allows charging port and audio port of your phone open for charging or connect with aux in product.
  • ORDER NOW – Small and well designed gadget, Just attach it to your car’s air vent and insert your smartphone, it is that easy. So order now, for yourself or as a special gift for your best friend, Money Back Guarantee from JebsensDirect. Also Check out the Perfect partner for this Air Vent Phone Holder ASIN: B00JO8VVDO – New MusicROAD BT-610S FM Transmitter, Safe Drive, Enjoy Music & Hands Free Call from your mobile phone! Additional Notes: This item is not for heavy user of car heating or cooling system as your devices may get warm or get cold, you can consider the Jebsens New EasyGrip Car Mount .


Review: My IPhone 4 was easily held by the air vent mount that had a spring mechanism that you pulled in order to enlarge the width to hold different size phones.  Mine was black but it also comes in white, red and orange. It mounted fairly easily to the vents and it states that there are two grip settings, one for thicker vents and one for thinner vents, but I really didn’t see a difference.  A nice plus is that you can still charge your phone while it is mounted.

The box had all the information you needed – features, showed the four colors it comes in, had a check off box on the front of the box for the color you were purchasing, the photo was representative of the item and it showed the size of the item and what it was made of.

The price is $49.99 which I would never pay for such a lightweight gadget but it’s on sale for $7.99 which is a much more reasonable price.  There is currently a Prime Day special offer of buy one, get one free which is a great deal but it doesn’t say how long this promotion runs for.  I would definitely purchase several more of this product so we could keep one in each of our cars.  I would recommend it to others as well as try other products by this company.