Try It Tuesday: DAOTS Trekking Poles


DAOTS Trekking Poles
Manufacturer: DAOTS
Weight: 1.3 pounds
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Material:The trekking poles is made of 60% carbon fiber, super light but sturdy,easy to carry
  • Physical anti-shock: The Walking Sticks can offer a more comfortable walking/ hiking
  • Hard tungsten steel tip under the rubber feet and quick flip lock system can make the walking poles easy to control
  • High elastic EVA foam handle with durable and comfortable wrist strap make the hiking sticks more great
  • Adjustable height from 24.4″ to 53.1″ (approximately),suitable for most human

Section number:three.(two of them are adjustable)
Color: yellow, purple
1. If the flip lock is too loose or tight, please adjust the screw on the locks to solve.
2. Avoid using the poles into salty or high-calcium water to avoid corrosion. If have to, remember to wipe out and dry each branch.
3. When climbing a mountain with cliff, better use your Poles on the mountain side. If the mountain is steep, keep distance with others in case their poles would hurt your eyes.
4. Use as self-defense weapons when you meet dangerous animals, but don’t attack others deliberately.
1. Why using trekking poles?Helpful for hiking traveling camping.Keep balance and improve stability.Reduce energy consumption and increase speed.Used as self-defense weapons when meet dangerous animals
2. How about the qualities of the products?Work hard on the quality of products and focus on product details:
Handle: high elastic EVA foam material,non-skid and can absorb sweat quickly,which improve the safety and serviceability.
Wrist strap: the outer fabric can quick-drying moisture absorption,inner fabric is supper soft velvet cotton.
Pole: carbon fiber material,physical anti-shock ,supper light and sturdy.Adopt heat transfer printing technology,beautiful appearance and colorfastness.
Tip: hard tungsten steel material with diamond pattern, which provide good skid resistance and penetrating.


Review: I am pleased with the DAOTS Trekking Poles. There could be some improvement, but my overall experience was a good one.

I was a little disappointed when I received the DAOTS Trekking Poles. The package looked very warn and was taped back together. However, when I opened the package, I realized it was double boxed and the box that actually held the poles was in perfect condition. I really like that the company was so careful in their packaging.

The trekking poles come with a carrying case that is “okay” quality. There could definitely be some improvement on the material they use for the case. It just doesn’t seem like it will last very long if you use it regularly.

When I pulled the poles out of the box, the first thing I noticed was the weight. They are very light and easy to hold. The quality of the poles are good. I did have to tighten the flip locks after adjusting them to the correct height because they were a little too loose. However, this must have been expected because it is mentioned in the product description. Not a big deal and very east to tighten with your hand. The handles are very nice, thick, and comfortable to hold. They have an adjustable wrist strap that is also very comfortable. The height of each pole is easy to adjust and does not require any tools. The flip locks seem to be decent quality but I am worried that they won’t last if they are adjusted too often.

Overall, I am pleased with the DAOTS Trekking Poles. I am happy to see they offer a 1 year warranty because there are a few things that could break or malfunction. The flip locks are my biggest concern. If these were improved, I would definitely give the DAOTS Trekking Poles a 5 star rating. I would recommend these to people who would use them every once in a while. I’m not sure that they would be good for someone who is going to use them religiously.