Try It Tuesday: CD Slot Smartphone Car Mount Holder


Universal One Touch Installation CD Slot Smartphone Car Mount Holder
Manufacturer: IPOW
Weight: 5.6 oz.
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Stretchable clamp/bracket can hold up to 3.5 inch wide
  • CD car mount is designed to fit for most types of vehicle. Just add extra Three attachable clips(if necessary) onto the mount for perfect fit
  • Full 360° degree rotation and tilt for multiple angles – Vertically or Horizontally. Allows you to find that perfect viewing angle with one hand
  • Easy installation no need tools to mount your Smartphones front and center in your car and play CD simultaneously, without any interruption
  • The mount securely keeps your smartphone where you need it most without obstructing your view; Always keep it stay in place


Review: The mount arrived well-packaged in a small cardboard box, including adjustment pads and instructions. The instructions are, like most products these days, in Japanese. The English translation is brief and to the point but not badly done.

I found that with my car’s CD player I needed to use the thickest of the adjustment pads but I still find that if I bump the holder or pull the phone out a little less than gently, the mount pulls out of the CD player. This worried me at first as I thought the mount may jiggle free as I drove over the bumps and dips in our roads but it seems to hold fast while driving. It does make sense that it can be dislodged when hit so that it doesn’t damage the CD player.

I have two phones I tested this mount with – a smaller iPhone 4S and the larger Nokia Windows phone. The mount held both phones securely, even on our pocked-marked and construction riddled streets. I had thought they might slide down with the vibration of the car but they held firm.

I like that the mount rotates and adjusts up, down and around so you can face the phone whichever way you need. When I wanted a landscape view to follow a map, I simply rotated the phone. When I had written instructions I was following, I kept it upright. It can also be flipped around to face the passenger if you want to show them something.

The only thing I didn’t like was more a defect with my phone than with the mount (and it is really the only thing I don’t like about my Nokia phone). Some less than stellar designer at Nokia placed the power button on the side of the phone. I am forever turning my phone off while I carry it around. With this mount, the power button is located under the edge of the holder which makes it inaccessible. Why is this important? I keep my phone on screen saver, as I’m sure most people do to save battery power, and while trying to follow a map in the car the screen goes off. There is no way to turn the screen back on unless I remove the phone, press the button, then replace the phone. This means I have to change my phone to no screen saver while it’s in the mount and that means a faster battery drain.

Other than that one defect with my phone design, this seems to be a great mount. I can play a CD with the mount in place (although the mount has to be removed to change the CD). I like the great degree of rotation it offers and it holds both my phones firmly and steadily. Definitely a worthwhile product.