Review: The Highlander’s Choice by Callie Hutton

The Highlander’s Choice by Callie Hutton
Series: A Marriage Mart Mayhem (# 5)
Release Date: July 14, 2015
Publisher: Entangled
Pages: 195
Source: book provided by the author for review



The Scottish Highlands, 1815

Lady Sybil Lacey is every inch an English woman. She’s horrified her best friend is wedding a barbarian Scot. For aren’t Scots naught but brutish, whiskey-swilling lechers? So to find herself secretly attracted to the tall and devastatingly handsome Scottish laird of Bedlay Castle is quite disconcerting…

Liam MacBride is convinced that English ladies are silly sassenachs who think of nothing but social events and clothes. So why is he intensely drawn to Lady Sybil? All they do is quarrel…until loathing turns into undeniable lust.

A tempestuous, fiery romance between an English lady and a Scottish laird cannot end well.


Review:  This is book 5 in the Marriage Mart Mayhem series, and I believe this can be read as a standalone book. None of the books prior needs to be read before reading this one, and the author provides the information needed in order to understand what happened to characters in prior books, but I have to say that I won’t be opposed to reading those books anyway.

I think before I start this review, I need to define what the term Sassenach means, because I have no idea and it’s driving me crazy. According to Sassenach: noun, Often Disparaging. 1. a term used by the Gaelic inhabitants of the British Isles to refer to the English inhabitants.

There, that’s better, I can continue with my review now knowing what that word means. This was such a fast entertaining read. I found myself forgetting where I was and being totally immersed in the story and I felt like I was in the Highlands myself. I love it when a book can do that for me. I was totally entertained.

This book was just so well written and the story itself I totally loved. I believe that a sign of a truly great book is one where the author can transport someone to another place without leaving home, and this one fits the bill. At least in my opinion. I like that a reader can take the crux of the story, which is acceptance of others despite what you think you know, and we can apply it to modern day. I think we can all take a page out of this book and apply it to our own lives.

Before I get to the main characters, I have to say that the secondary characters are just as entertaining and deserve a mention in this review. The secondary characters help move the plot along and are helpful to the main characters personal growth and maturity. They are also funny as heck and are truly entertaining too.

Sybil and Liam both have a lifetime of beliefs that have been drummed into their heads that they have to overcome. They both have misguided beliefs about the other that aren’t necessarily true about everyone from that group. We all are guilty of that, and fictional characters aren’t exempt from that as well.  Both Sybil and Liam learn and grow together as the new couple they become as well as individually and they learn that not everyone is the same, and that the actions of one doesn’t dictate the actions of many.

If historical romance is something that the reader loves, if it’s something the reader wants to explore, then give this book a whirl, it’s really good, and I think it’s worth a shot.




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