Review: Pieces of Home by Tammy L. Grace

piecehomePieces of Home by Tammy L. Grace
Series: Hometown Harbor (# 4)
Release Date: October 14, 2015
Publisher: Lone Mountain Press
Pages: 249
Source: book provided by the author for review



Ellie hasn’t seen or spoken to her parents in twenty years—since she came to live on the island with her aunt and uncle. Ellie’s all grown up now and runs the popular family bakery, Sweet Treats.

An unforeseen plea for help forces Ellie to reveal a secret she’s kept hidden from even her closest friends. Her innate kindness and desire to help propel her on a turbulent journey. The pieces of her past she’s worked so hard to escape resurface and bring her face to face with heartache. In the midst of unearthing her long buried pain, she faces challenges that threaten her livelihood and those she holds most dear.

When newcomer Blake Griffin arrives, he frequents the bakery in the early morning hours and over fresh cinnamon rolls they develop a friendship. He renews a sense of hope and joy in Ellie, but she’s hesitant to trust him with her heart. Instead of letting her past define her future, Ellie must summon the courage to recognize an unexpected path may be a welcome gift.


Review: Who wouldn’t want to run away to an island and escape things that hurt? The pain sometimes is just too much to handle. Ellie finds that holding secrets deep inside and hiding from the past keeps her from the journey that she needs to take in order to heal.

I found Ellie a person that was easy to relate to. She was full of warmth and compassion but needed to break free from the secrets that kept her from her journey. She ran to an island where her aunt and uncle live to find peace with her hurtful past. Having had some girls in class that have dealt with similar things makes me wish that everyone had a special place to go to in order to heal.

Ellie has a journey that is about to begin but she needs the strength and the ability to trust her new friend Blake in order to move past the pain and grow.

I found this to be a story of learning to trust that comes out of the secrets of the past. Trust is hard to relearn. As Blake and Ellie begin their journey together I enjoyed how their friendship grew slowly and Ms. Grace showed us that it is okay to start with baby steps. She showed us that all things have to start somewhere and trust is very crucial in relationships getting from point A to point B.

I really liked the storyline and the characters in this book. They were easy to relate to. As for the story I don’t want to spoil it for those that enjoy Ms. Grace’s other stories; just know that it is something that most of aware of that happens. As Ellie goes though the emotions that run just dealing with everyday stuff I felt those emotions having to grab a Kleenex or two along the way. This is a story that has good and bad moments. Moments that will you laugh and cry. Cheering them (Ellie and Blake) on their journey of healing.

A well written story that once you read you will think of that friend or neighbor that just might benefit from this so find a comfy spot with your Kleenex’s on hand and enjoy Ellie and Blake as they learn to trust.







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