Review: Night’s Mistress by Amanda Ashley

Night’s Mistress by Amanda Ashley
Series: Children of the Night (# 5)
Release Date: July 30, 2013
Publisher: Zebra
Pages: 352
Source:  Book provided by the publisher for review



Mara. She is mysterious, alluring, a creature of the night, torn between two unforgettable men. . .

Kyle Bowden. A gorgeous, golden-haired artist full of passion and life, Kyle is ready to give his soul to Mara–until he learns her terrible secret.

Logan Blackwood. The Vampire she created nine-hundred years ago is now a Hollywood millionaire with all the dark seductive power of his kind, yet Logan still longs for the woman who turned him.

With enemies on all sides–and her Dark Gift fading–Mara must choose one lover. . .for all eternity.


Review:  Paranormal is a style that I have grown to enjoy over the years and Night’s Mistress by Amanda Ashley was a new read for me.  In Night’s Mistress we follow the life of Mara the Queen of Vampires.  She was turned against her will at a point in her life that she was just begging for death.  From that point forward she embraced the life of the night.  Sleeping during the day and feeding at night. Until as she got older she was then able to start walking in the daylight.  This made her the exception to the rule, a vampire that could walk in the daylight was something that all vampires wanted but had never been able to find the ability to do so.  This again made her a desired commodity.  To feed from her would give others to a certain extent her abilities.

Because of Mara’s age the story has flashbacks to different times periods and upon occasion I found this to be confusing.  It wasn’t always evident when she was going to have a flashback and that led to times of being lost in the story.  I also found the story didn’t move along quite as well as I would have liked to see it.  Simple scenes that should have taken a short period of time seemed to stretch out for far too long.

The one thing that I did find a good flow with was the character development.  A few too many characters to keep track of them all but the relationships between them were explained quickly and without confusion.  The author really showed the development of Mara in going from human to vampire and the evolution of the character from there.

I found the story to be interesting even if it did take a little longer than normal to get into the story.  I would definitely consider reading another book from Amanda Ashley.  Because of that I give Night’s Mistress a 4 Rose Rating of Lovely Rose.

Favorite Quote:  “So beautiful. I can’t look at you without wanting to touch you, taste you, make love to you.”