Review: Mad Delights by Beth D. Carter

Mad Delights by Beth D. Carter
Release Date: August 4, 2015
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 220
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



When violence sweeps through their town, the Men of Hell must figure out who’s after their club. Someone is watching Romeo Barrigan’s every move. Chloe Matsumoto’s favorite pastime is studying the Men of Hell Motorcycle Club’s president. Ever since he helped rescue her deaf cousin from the hands of a human-trafficking ring, Chloe has become fascinated with him and now wonders how she can repay him.

Daxton Squire is the enforcer of the Men of Hell. He’s filled with self-loathing after failing to recognize the threat from the former club president. When he spots someone tailing Romeo, he vows to protect him at any cost. Only Dax didn’t expect to be so attracted to the little stalker. Violence sweeps through Bair, Nebraska, threatening the town and the club.

Romeo has a lot on his plate. Not only does he have to figure out who’s after his club, but he also has to determine how the hell he ended up in a ménage relationship—and keep those he loves safe from the menace.


Review: Mad Delights was a mind-blowing read, plot twisting, gender bending read. I say gender swapping because, Ms. Carter made her female lead the pursuer. She also possesses many qualities we expect to see in a male. Mentally damaged by her life growing up, Chloe is a fascinating female lead. She can shoot guns with a deadly accuracy, has mafia connections, and yet she works as an OR Nurse and has spent some years in and out of a mental hospital. Her pension to obsess over one particular person has led her to the tiny town where she plans on returning a favor to the man who saved her cousin from the sex trafficking trade. The thing is, President of the Men of Hell’s M.C, Romeo, has no clue who she is, or why she feels she owes.

Romeo is a man divided. When his mentor, Wheels, dies, he’s left to run the Men of Hell, it’s not a position he’s ever seen himself in, and right out the gate he’s in for one hell of a testing. Someone is trying to push M.C.’s out of the town, and people are ending up dead left and right. As he struggles with his place in the club and seeks out the killer, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the mysterious woman who always shows up in time to save his ass. As the passion unfolds between him, he accepts the fact that not only is she his old lady, he’s in a three-way relationship with his best friend. I l really enjoyed Romeo’s sense of humor and vulnerability. It was a different side to see in an M.C. President. I felt like we got to grow along with him as he finds his way and the story progresses.

Daxton, Romeo’s right-hand man, is a voice of reason. His ability to make tough decisions, keep his head, and make Romeo see reason makes them the perfect team The minute he discovers Chloe, who he refers to as his stalker, he feels an intense attraction. He can’t help but feel jealous of her attachment to Romeo. Their progression into a polyamorous relationship felt natural, and I completely believed it.

This book is a must read. It has action, love, mental battles and just enough humor to keep it all from getting too heavy.