Review: Keeping Score by Elley Arden

Keeping Score by Elley Arden
Series: Cleveland Clash (# 3)
Release Date: October 19, 2015
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 125
Source: Book provided by publisher for review



Cleveland Clash center Jade Wren longs for something more than teaching elementary school and marrying a nice Korean guy. Maybe that’s why she suddenly kisses a sexy stranger at a bar. Except the guy turns out to be sports radio shock jock Rome Rizzelli, and as far as her team is concerned, he’s Public Enemy No. 1.

Rome isn’t the kind of guy to argue when a beautiful woman kisses him, but now his producer has invited Jade to talk about women’s pro football on his show. It’s a battle of the sexes—a battle he needs to win to save his job and continue to support his disabled mother and younger sister. But the sexy center is no pushover, and Rome can’t decide whether that’s a turn-on or a reason to fight even harder.

When the gloves—among other things—come off, can two strong personalities who have found security in keeping up appearances let down their guards long enough to fall in love?


Review:  When a sexist pig shock jock finds himself face to face with a women’s pro football player, the sparks are going to fly.

Author Elley Arden sets the stage for a showdown in Keeping Score. Rome Rizzelli is holding on tightly to his signature style, but Jade Wren just might change his mind.

From a character standpoint, Rome starts out as a stereotypical sexist male who talks down about women’s sports. Although he comes across as incredibly annoying in the beginning, his character evolves with more than a little coaching from Jade.

Although this is obviously a romance, there’s plenty of debate about gender roles. Jade does a fantastic job shattering preconceived notions of females being inferior to males. What I liked was that in spite of their differences both physically and idealistically, Rome and Jade send a clear message of equality to readers.

As the third book in the Cleveland Clash series, this installment is the last one featuring the team’s bold female athletes and the men who love them. Because there are so few books featuring women football players, I applaud the author’s efforts in shining the light on these ladies. The end result is a fun, contemporary series with plenty of humor.






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