Review: His Bedpost Queen by Lena Hart

His Bedpost Queen by Lena Hart
Series: The Queen Quartette (# 2)
Release Date: July 24, 2014
Publisher: Maroon Ash Publishing
Pages: 198
Source: book provided by the author for review



Athena Lewis is a mistress of deception. She’s savvy with a computer, has a sharp mind and an even sharper attitude. Except when it comes to “Davie,” the only man who’s ever made her feel safe. But to protect the only family she has left, Athena must embark on a mission that goes against everything she believes in—and that includes using the last trick she has left. Her body.

Royal Courts co-founder David Carrone has worked hard for what he has. As the illegitimate son of a notorious crime boss, he makes it his mission to distance himself from that world—and those he once called friends. Yet when his past comes back in the form of smooth curves and raw passion, David is immediately brought low, putting his thriving young company, and all that he’s worked hard for, at risk.

With David’s trust betrayed and Athena’s “mission” compromised, they both set out to right some wrongs while playing a game that can only end with them losing their hearts.


Review: This is the second book in the Quartette series and this book focuses on David and Athena and their story. I enjoy continuing stories filled with characters that will eventually get their own stories. The reader gets immersed within the world the characters live in and I feel get to know them and they feel like friends. I feel truly honored that I got to read and review all of these books. I love discovering new authors whether they are indie authors or authors who are represented by a publishing house. It doesn’t matter to me. Talent is talent and I like well written quality story telling, and I got that with this series.

I love that this series takes place in a casino. I haven’t read many stories where the story takes place in a casino and I love that it’s something new, something fresh, something that hasn’t been done a zillion times before.

David is a ladies man, he wines and dines them and when he’s done with them he moves on to the next woman. He’s not cruel or a jerk to them. He just hasn’t found “the one” to keep him interested. He also is desperate to make a name for himself that has noting to do with his father and what the family name represents to other people in the business world. He wants to be associated with being respected because he runs a quality casino that caters to wealthy customers that want to have a good time. He wants to be as disassociated as possible with crime and hustling and things that his father was known for.

Athena, used to steal, con and lead a criminal life. She left that behind to make a good honest living for herself. She wanted to be proud of what she could accomplish with her life and she wanted to look at herself in the mirror and be able to be proud of where her life was going. She’s young chronologically as well as emotionally for one who had to grow up so fast, but that vulnerability works for her. It makes her human, it makes this reader like her more. I hope the reader likes her too.

David and Tena’s romance heats up fast and intimacy grows quickly as well, but for me it’s believable. A little hint of attraction can burst into an inferno of desire and I love it.

Please, give the Quartette series a shot. Begin with book one and find out how the story begins, and where the story is heading. I think readers will like it. Lena’s females are so sweet and sensual, the reader and their men can’t help but love them.