Review: Highland Knight of Rapture by Amy Jarecki

Highland Knight of Rapture by Amy Jarecki
Series: Highland Destiny (# 4)
Release Date:  July 31, 2015
Publisher: Rapture Books
Pages: 346
Source: book provided by the author for review



After five years of marriage, Lady Helen has failed to produce an heir. Giving birth to a lass, Helen’s husband rejects her and openly takes a lover while she endures in silence.

But war is brewing. The MacDonald feud with the crown comes to a head and with it arrives Helen’s childhood friend, Sir Eoin MacGregor. Eoin and his men join with the MacIain Clan to quell the rebellion. But when he witnesses Helen suffer undue humiliation, his troubles escalate tenfold.

If Eoin helps the lady escape, he will break the sanctity of marriage. Worse, the king has commanded Eoin to fight beside her barbarous husband. To rescue Helen from tragedy worse than death, will the gallant knight find the strength to mask his deepest desires to save the woman he’s always loved?


Review: Let me just start off by saying this, it’s very rare to find historically accurate Scottish Highland books. Most authors take a lot of creative license or are lazy in their research. Let’s be honest, any type of historical novel, is hard to write.

This isn’t the case with Amy Jaericki’s books. Not at all. The reader is immediately immersed into a Scottish culture where you can feel the dampness of the castle as your skirts swish by your ankles. The smell of fresh baked bread, the hidden danger lurking in every corner, and the passion between the Highland warriors and their brides.

The writing itself is at times, tedious, meticulous, almost giving too much detail only to pull back and add in a dash of romance that is so needed when dealing with such heavy content.

Highland Knight of Rapture centers around Lady Helen and her marriage to Aleck, a wealthy and well known earl who has the ear of the King (for now). She immediately jumps into this marriage, knowing it’s her duty to produce an heir.

The only problem is, she doesn’t love him, but she’s convinced that if she just gives him children, he’ll return that love. Early on in the story she births him a daughter and you see what was already a very unstable marriage, start to crack. He refuses to see the child, and blames Lady Helen for everything. She can’t do anything right even though she’s by all accounts the perfect wife. What follows is a lot of verbal abuse which makes the reader cringe with each chapter. All I kept thinking, is how can this get worse? It does. Get worse that is.

Enter in the hero, childhood friend Eoin. Lady Helen knows she shouldn’t want the boy who’s grown into a fine young man and hero to Scotland, but she does. And it doesn’t take long for him to see that she’s in a very dangerous situation. In order to protect her daughter and her life, he persuades her to go to her brother, who is now part of the church, and ask for a divorce. Something TRULY frowned up on that time. She’s hoping that since her brother has the ear of the Pope that he will dissolve the marriage based on first hand accounts of the abuse she had at her husbands hands.

The love story between the two starts to blossom and even though she is technically married, I don’t think of this as an actual cheating book considering Lady Helen’s husband basically tired to kill her. As a reader you’re already going, “Okay, he’s dead to me.” And in your heart, you’ve already broken away from the whole “this is right or this is wrong.” Mentality. Which again, is great writing, because it’s a very sensitive subject line that could easily offend or turn off many readers.

The other shoe has to drop. This is my thought process as I press on towards the last few chapters. Someone is either going to die, or she’s going to get discovered, etc. I’ve read enough of Jareki’s books to know this isn’t the end, and she does have a few surprises in store that I’ll allow the reader to discover for themselves.

Just be aware that this is the type of book you finish in one sitting. It’s intense, dangerous, exhausting, and beautiful. I give this book (and the rest of the series) five roses. I LOVED it and would recommend it to any and all historical romance buffs who want a little bit of dangerous with their sexy.





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  1. Again, I thank you Rachel! This was a very difficult book for me to write because of the subject matter. I don’t go around talking about it, but I spent 20 years in an abusive marriage. It was very important for me to show the side of the abused…she tries to do everything she can to fix the problem, tries to better herself with every cutting remark. But there is a breaking point. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to review the Highland Dynasty Series!

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