Review: Duchess Decadence by Wendy LaCapra

Duchess Decadence by Wendy LaCapra
Series: The Furies Series (# 3)
Release Date: October 19, 2015
Publisher: Entangled: Scandalous
Pages: 229
Source: book provided by the author for review



A game of chance with love on the line…

London, 1784

Thea Worthington, Duchess of Wynchester divides her time between social engagements and playing her luck against fickle fortune. Yet every gamble is only a bluff-a means to hide from the pain deep within her, and the loss of a babe she never held in her arms. Now Thea’s luck is about to run out. Her estranged husband has returned and seeks a reunion…

Plagued with guilt over what happened to his wife three years ago, the Duke of Wynchester has kept his distance. The duke is resolved to piece his family back together, especially now that he’s discovered his beloved brother-long thought dead-still lives. But Thea’s lovely, porcelain facade is on the verge of cracking…spurred on by the duke’s brother’s secretive, malevolent animosity.

With everything riding on her future, Thea plays a daring game of chance for love and her marriage…and this time, the dice are most certainly rigged.


Review:  This book is so beautifully written. It really is. This is the third book in the series and I would suggest reading the other books first only because I feel that the other Furies, Lady Vice and Lady Scandal help our protagonist Lady Decadence and I found myself confused with who was whom. Lady Decadence is Thea Marie, and Lady Vice and Lady Scandal have their real names as well, but we don’t need to know them now. My point is, I feel that reading the other books will give more reading pleasure and will lesson any confusion as to who someone is.

Despite my confusion, I have to say that this book was really good. Books with angst and hurt feelings get my vote to be read and this book lived up to that expectation.

I love books where there are best friends that help each other and support each other and can really depend on each other when the rest of the world turns their backs on them. The Furies are each others best friends and they each support, defend, depend and love each other during each of their personal struggles.

Thea Marie and her husband Wyn (I love that nickname Wendy!!) have a lot to work out between them. There is a lot of hurt feelings, there is a lot of hurt within their marriage and they need to communicate with each other. They both grew up a lot during their separation, as they married quite young, and have learned a great deal about themselves and each other. I like that they start out slow and cautiously with each other. Neither one wants to scare the other off, and they both need to air their feelings with the other. I love the fact that the love they have for each other is still there even after everything that they both have gone through.

Historical romances are a favorite genre of mine and if any readers out there like them too, I highly suggest trying the Furies out and seeing if it’s something that captures the readers attention. You won’t be disappointed.