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Jen:  Today we are excited to welcome Callie Hutton to Romancing the Book as our next Historical Romance Retreat author spotlight.   Callie, will you share a short bio with us?
Callie: Callie Hutton writes both Western Historical and Regency romance. She makes her home in Oklahoma with her husband, daughter and three dogs. Her son and daughter-in-law and their adorable twin baby boys live near enough that she has plenty of grandma time. She loves to hear from readers, and would welcome you as a “friend” on Facebook. You can contact her through her website:

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Jen: Please tell us about your newest release and where the idea came from.
Callie:  The Highlander’s Choice is the fifth book in my Marriage Mart Mayhem series. Since this series will have seven books when it’s finished, I didn’t want them to become repetitive and boring. The first two are set in London, the second two in the English countryside, this book and the next one are set in the Highlands, and the final book will be set in America. All the stories are about the same family, except the first one whose hero is best friends with the head of this family.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Her first glimpse of Liam when she and Margaret arrived at the great hall took her breath away. Both men were dressed in traditional Scottish garb; kilts of their clans, with white lawn shirts, doublets, and sporrans. By Liam’s side hung a sword that she could imagine him swinging on a battlefield. His reddish golden hair was pulled back into a queue and tied with a ribbon.

With their broad shoulders and height, the men seemed to take all the air out of the room, despite them being in the great hall. Sybil certainly felt as though there was a shortage of air. Her lungs couldn’t seem to get enough of it. Her heart pounded to the extent she was afraid she would embarrass herself by swooning—something she’d never done in her life.

No matter how many times she forced herself to look at the priest, she found her eyes drifting toward Liam. A finer man had never existed. His strong chin, chiseled features, and full lips made small little butterflies in her stomach dance a cotillion. She snapped her head back to face the priest when Liam caught her staring and gave her a broad wink. Honestly, the man had no refinement.

I was the one staring at him.

Her flustered state kept her from concentrating on the ceremony, and she was therefore, surprised when Duncan turned to Margaret and gave her a chaste kiss before they turned to face the guests. A loud cheer went up from the crowd, foot stomping and whistles reverberating around the room. The bride and groom and she and Liam, as witnesses, signed the marriage book.

Duncan led Margaret to the head table. Liam extended his arm to Sybil, and she had a flash of being in his arms a few hours ago. Thinking of how she once again had enjoyed their kiss, heat rose from her middle to swamp her face, surely turning it red. “Are ye all right, lass?” His deep voice, lowered so only she could hear, increased her discomfort.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she snapped.

He grinned that wicked smile, turning her insides to mush. “It seems to me ye are a bit disturbed.”

“Nonsense, I’m merely emotional over my friend’s wedding.”

Liam escorted her to a seat alongside Margaret and brushed his mouth near her ear. “Dinna fash yerself, lass. ’Twas only a kiss.”

He straightened and took his seat next to her.

’Twas only a kiss?

No doubt to a randy Scot that incident was merely a kiss. Most likely something he used with charming regularity to gain access to women’s beds. Well, she would not be one of his women. She was a respectable English miss, who would never dally with a Scot.

I already have.


Jen: Describe an ideal date.
Callie: Dinner and a movie

Jen:  Favorite food?
Callie: I have to have a favorite??

Jen: Favorite day of the week?
Callie: Any day I can write – which is every day

Jen: Favorite James Bond actor?
Callie: Sean Connery

Jen: Favorite rainy day activity?
Callie: Nap

Jen: What food do you refuse to eat?
Callie: Liver

Jen: What invention you can’t live without?
Callie: Modern medicine

Jen: How neat is your work environment?
Callie: Semi-neat

Jen: What is your dream vacation spot?
Callie: Europe

Jen: Print or ebook?
Callie: Both

Jen: What book family would you want to be a part of?
Callie: None If I switched families, I’d have to give up my one-year-old twin grandbabies.

Jen: Tropics or mountains?
Callie: Mountains

Jen: What’s next for you?
Callie: Next is Sybil’s twin sister, Sarah’s story, The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage. That releases November 30. Here is the blurb for that one:

Lady Sarah Lacey is on her way to the Highlands to visit her twin sister, Lady Sybil MacBride, when she meets with an accident. Stranded on the road, she encounters Professor Braeden McKinnon, traveling to his home near Sarah’s destination. She cajoles him into escorting her and her maid.

As they take to the road together, Braeden finds the fiery Lady Sarah a handful of trouble. But nothing prepares him for the words she utters in front of witnesses that binds them together in matrimony. Waiting for word that he has been selected to work on an archeological dig in Rome, he had no intention of taking a wife for a long time. Now that she has accidentally married them, however, perhaps it would not be such a bad thing, after all.

Except Sarah has no intention of being anyone’s wife. She has other plans . . .

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22 thoughts on “HRR Author Interview & Contest: Callie Hutton

  1. Cissie P says:

    Hi, Callie! I enjoy all of your amazing books and series, as you know. Nobody comes close to Sean Connery in my opinion either!

  2. Lori H says:

    Great looking and sounding book. I’m looking forward to reading it.
    I would live in the 50’s or present day because I enjoy my modern conveniences. It would be nice to visit other eras but only temporarily.

  3. Meredith Hillenbrand says:

    I loved your post! The book sounds great! I really would love to visit some of those bygone eras. All that history and richness of how they lived. No smog, except for the Industrial Age of England, just fresh air to breath. Wouldn’t want to stay though, there have been too many sanitary and medical breakthroughs. I agree about relying too heavily on technology and conveniences though, YAs today can’t even count up money for change and do simple math on their own, and many people today can’t even cook basic meals without using box food, cans, and microwaves. Of course, I’m one to talk, I wouldn’t be able to build a fire without matches! lol Oh, and Sean Connery is awesome in pretty much anything he does, although, I wonder if Pierce Brosnon would have been able to be James Bond when they first asked him, if he would have done better as a younger man. At the time, he was under contract to play Remmington Steele, a very good show, I might add, and couldn’t accept the part. That’s why Roger Moore got the part. Sigh Not that he wasn’t good, just wouldv’e liked to have seen Pierce give it a go at that time. 🙂

  4. Wende says:

    I have read each of your books as they come out. Thank you the many hours of enjoyment you have gave me

  5. Molly says:

    I would live in England, during the regency period.
    I loved the exclusive wife and I am not starting on book 2. Thanks Callie

  6. Brandy Mesa says:

    Your new book sounds wonderful! I wouldn’t mind to pop in to the regency times, or even frontier and western times but I think I would most enjoy the life during the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I should like to have been a wonderful house wife in the adorable block homes among the gas light districts making casseroles and martinis with my girlfriends’ while raising our children and welcoming our husbands home from a hard day at work.
    Fast forward: There is also an alluring draw to the wild times that must have occurred during the musical revolution and freedom era of the 1960s. So much took place that screams liberation even while there were many who were still being stifled under the current laws or lack thereof. The 1970s were another step in trying to make this a bit more “right” for all of us before or after the uprising/protests against the war. It was all quite heated and everyone had a side if the were interested. I would like to see if there could be a better, more peaceful, resolve as we slip into the 1980s which were a prosperous time if I recall correctly.

  7. Inishowen Cailín says:

    If I could be a member of the upper class I’d choose anytime during the 19th century up to the Edwardian period. I also wouldn’t mind being one of the bright young things of the 1920’s.

  8. Connie Reynolds says:

    I think I’m pretty happy now. Might go back and change some things I did. Naaaah. I like the me I turned into.

  9. Lee Garcia says:

    I would live in Victorian/Regency era….. as long as I could be part of the privileged…. no servant’s quarters for me….thank you very much. I would also like to be in Scotland w/a highland laird…. a man in a kilt does it for me….lol

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