Try It Tuesday: Mengo Bumps Sport Sweat-Resistant Wireless Neckband Earphones


Mengo Bumps Sport Sweat-Resistant Wireless Neckband Earphones with Microphone (Bluetooth 4.1 & NFC) Chrome
Manufacturer: Mengo
Size:  3.5 x 1.2 x 3.5 inches ; 0.2 ounces
Source: manufacturer

The Mengo Promise:
Here at Mengo, we seek product perfection and customer satisfaction. Offering high quality products at an affordable price, we’re confident you’ll love your product! Should you have any technical or customer service related issues, our professional service agents are here to help.

Impeccable Sound:
The Mengo Bumps Sport come packed with 3mW speakers delivering powerful, clear sound and rich bass you need during your workout. The headset has a continuous playback time of 5-6 hours, and a talk time of 6-7 hours.

Comfort fit:
The Bumps Sport comes with a flexible neckband, which sits comfortably on the back of your head. This featured technology is designed specially to ensure placement, so the headphones do not fall out during rapid movement. They are sweat-resistant and lightweight (only 0.8 ounces)

Keep the device in your pocket:
With three convenient multi-use buttons and Bluetooth & NFC (near-field communication) technology, your device always stays out of site. The buttons allow you to answer and redial calls, control the volume, mute, and skip tracks.

Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC (Near-field communication):
Connect the earphones wirelessly using Bluetooth 4.1 or NFC technology. The headphones support almost all Bluetooth devices for a maximum range of 33-feet.

Inside the box:
1x Mengo Bumps Neckband Headphones
1x Instructions Manual
1x Carrying Case
3x Different sized ear buds


Review: I use headphones a lot as I’m listening to music or audiobooks while at my day job. I’ve been thinking about a pair of wireless headphones for a while as the cords and such can be a pain while you’re working at a computer. So, when the request for a review came across my email, I knew I had to give it a try.

The product was very well packaged with a plastic holder keeping the headphones and other items inside the box.  I had no problems breaking into the package or retrieving the headphones from the plastic holder.  I was happy to see a charger, extra earbuds and a handy carrying bag included.

I was impressed by the battery life and wireless range.  I listened to an audio book for most of an 8 hour shift (with a few breaks) and the headphones were still going strong.  I even walked away from my desk (and kindle) to the copier and I could still hear my book playing.  I do like not having to deal with cords and being bound to my kindle while listening to a book.  The freedom is well worth it.

Now these headphone supposedly have a built in microphone as well.  I didn’t test it.  Partially because my phone wasn’t cooperating as I tried to sync them together (I’ll admit, I didn’t try hard).  But mostly because it’s a feature I personally won’t use.  I don’t make a lot of phone calls and don’t use my phone for anything where I’d need headphones or the microphone feature.

My only real complaint is the feel of the buds themselves. I mean, I’m not accustomed to buds that go far into the ears. And while it helps cancel out ambient sound, I found it uncomfortable. It might be something I’ll get used to in time, but the first couple times I wore them, my ears actually hurt. A month or so later, it’s still not the most comfortable and I’m wearing the smallest size bud.

All in all, I like my wireless headphones.  They give me a little more freedom while listening to my books and music while at work.  And with the design, I could see it definitely benefiting those who use headphones while working out.