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Jillian DavidToday our guest is Jillian David.  Before we get to her Top 5 favorite travel destinations, let’s get to know about her and her new release.

Jillian David lives near the end of the Earth with her nut of a husband and two bossy cats. To escape the sometimes stressful world of the rural physician, she writes while on call and in her free time. She enjoys taking realistic settings and adding a twist of “what if.” Running or hiking on local trails often promotes plot development.

She would love for readers to connect on Twitter @jilliandavid13 or on her blog at

Flame Unleashed (Hell to Pay # 3)
Released September 14, 2015

When Civil War nurse Ruth Blackstone sacrificed her soul to save her husband’s life, he utterly betrayed her trust. Now, 150 years later, she’s still stuck killing depraved souls to feed her devil of a boss, Jerahmeel. She’s never been one for hair-brained schemes or sweet-talking flirts. That is, until she meets Cajun rogue Odie Pierre-Noir.

Odie has the research and the war plan to overthrow Jerahmeel and win freedom for all Indebteds. There’s just one hitch: he needs Ruth to act as bait. With charm on his side, he shows Ruth an intense passion she’s never experienced before.

Now Ruth must make the hardest decision of her long, damned life: continue in relative safety as an Indebted with Odie as her lover, or risk their eternal souls for one chance to break the curse. Will she choose the lesser evil?


Top 5 List: Favorite Travel Destinations

What a fabulous topic for a blog list! I love to travel. My medical career has taken me to cool places like Vietnam and Guatemala for short mission trips, Liberia for a month in 2002 (where they issued a state of emergency 24 hours after we arrived…and we still had to keep a hospital going for a month!), and South Africa for a month of trauma surgery.

But what about traveling for fun? I could spend my life on the road and never see all the awesome places on this planet. So it’s a challenge to pick my favorites, but I’ll try.

#5) Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Spent two weeks portaging a wooden canoe illegally in and out of Canada one summer. There is no peace like that of the Boundary Waters. There is nothing as delicious as half-burnt and half-raw Quetico Ambrosia Delight, sprinkled liberally with the ashes from a crackling campfire. And there are no pterodactyls like the mosquitoes of the Boundary Waters.

#4) Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Smokies are my old stomping grounds. Not only did I work as a high-adventure educator (a.k.a. took kids backpacking, rock climbing, whitewater paddling), but I spent most of my misbegotten youth enjoying very square activities like making campfires and walking in the woods. So, yes, I was quite the hoodlum.

#3) Sweden

After college, I visited a high school exchange student friend, and she and I drove all over this beautiful country. Highlight of the trip for me? The Stockholm Archipelago, a group of gorgeous islands in summer bloom bursting from the slate-blue waters of the Baltic Sea.

My friend’s highlight? Going out to a discotheque and meeting Tommy Salo. More information? Okay. For those of you who don’t follow the greatest sport in the universe if you’re Swedish (not curling, but hockey), you will know that goalkeeper Tommy Salo was at one time Sweden’s equivalent of Michael Jordan. During the entire conversation with him, I just thought he was a hunky guy who had an extraordinarily fabulous opinion of himself. My friend? Utterly verklempt and rendered mute.

#2) Smith Rock State Park

This little gem of a recreation area in central Oregon deserves more recognition. Fabulous hiking, the Crooked River flowing around the towering rocks, amazing views, excellent camping, and oh yeah…WORLD CLASS ROCK CLIMBING!

I’m no 3 percent body fat climber chick, but Smith Rock saw my skills peak (no pun intended) on a hair-raising 5-10.arock-climbing route called “The Phoenix.” (So yeah, basically I kind of stunk at climbing.) Even the easier climbs at Smith Rock felt super exposed and terrifying because of the hundreds of feet of sheer drop-off. Also, I honed my leading skills (sport, not traditional climbing) here. So, yes, Smith Rock holds a special place in my heart, and the mere thought of this awesome park makes my heart pound.

#1) New Zealand

If I could move to one place far, far away, without guilt of leaving my family in a separate hemisphere, it would have to be New Zealand. New Zealand’s South Island, specifically. It’s an outdoor paradise. I skied The Remarkables, paddled on Milford Sound (ermehgawd, speechless), sea kayaked on the Abel Tasman Sea, and hiked on the Franz Josef Glacier.

The English language does not contain enough superlatives to describe this place. I would return in a heartbeat and never run out of new and awesome things to do and see.



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