Review: Warrior’s Curse by Alexa Morgan

Warrior’s Curse by Alexa Morgan
Series: Imnada Brotherhood (# 3)
Release Date:  April 29, 2014
Publisher:  Pocket Books
Pages:  388
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Will their desire conquer evil ’s wrath?

Major Gray de Coursy, Earl of Halvossa and exiled heir to the five clans of the Imnada shapechangers, must regain his throne in order to save his people from a deadly war with the Feybloods. First, however, he must break the curse he has lived under since the final chaos of Waterloo. Desperate, he resolves to steal the Imnada’s most sacred relic—the mysterious crystal of Jai Idrish—to help him. When he receives a visit from his childhood companion Meeryn Munro, Gray is surprised by her offer of help . . . and by how the girl of his memories has grown to become the woman of his dreams.

None of Meeryn’s powers as anointed keeper of Jai Idrish have prepared her for the threat of battle, but it’s the passion Gray arouses in her that she finds herself fighting. In a perilous quest spanning two realms, Gray and Meeryn must outwit and outrun a cunning enemy. And only the strength of the warrior, the magic of the priestess, and a love greater than death can reclaim a crown and win them a future together.


Review:  Warrior’s Curse by Alexa Morgan is an engaging romance novel that follows a historical and paranormal genre. I decided to read this particular novel because the cover was enchanting. A hot and brave looking male warrior ready to face battle head on. Now, that is my kind of novel. Alexa Morgan’s writing proved this read to be just as worthy and enticing as the cover itself. Her main characters pop to life immediately from their pages within and the mystery of warrior on front lures readers into reading further to find out why he is in hiding and why. I  instantly felt sympathy for his pain, his loneliness, and his stubborn nature.  A man worthy of love especially, from a certain woman in his past.

An intriguing and hot read, readers won’t be disappointed. Alexa Morgan knows exactly what her readers want and she delivers just that and more inside of Warrior’s Curse. The sizzling passion that ignites between the warrior and his love is just one reason this novel should be read. Then there’s his father slowly dying and his clan who needs him. But the biggest worry of all is the curse that is slowly killing the warrior. He tries his best to stop or prevent the curse but nothing has proven to do just that. Can Major Gray de Coursy stop his curse in time to help defend his clan and love the woman of his past? I highly recommend this brilliant romance novel to readers worldwide. If the cover doesn’t entice you to read it, the pages definitely will. Overall, I rate this story a five out of five stars.