Review: Unbreakable Bonds by Aliyah Burke & Taige Crenshaw

Unbreakable Bonds by Aliyah Burke & Taige Crenshaw
Release Date: May 7, 2015
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 286
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



When fantasy becomes reality, it brings to life one who has traveled through time, and a woman finds a man who sets her body ablaze with passion.

Ta-Mara LeBreaux finds escape reading a love story of a couple who get together despite all odds. Yet she never expected to be caught in her own tale—the outcome of which will be up to the fickleness of destiny. A man appears in her life and all signs point to the fact that he is the same Levi from her book—a book she has read countless times. She must be crazy… However when the impossible becomes reality, Ta-Mara is faced with Levi who has come from between the pages to her world. He’s all her dreams come true. This man is all too real and sexy as hell. But is she living on borrowed time with Levi, who can’t possibly be hers?

Levi Jefferson Davis Madison doesn’t know what brought him to this time or this particular woman. He is sure of one thing. Ta-Mara is the light that fills his soul. He won’t let anything or anyone stand between them. Yes this present time is so much different than he is used to but he won’t let that stop him. By opening first her home then her heart to a stranger, she shows him the depths of her character. Loving her is easy but being able to keep her by his side is his greatest challenge. Or is it…? There are some things that go beyond time and space. When love meets time, nothing can get in the way of unbreakable bonds.


Review: Unbreakable Bonds is a mix of modern and historical that comes together to deliver one compelling tale. This time traveling romance informs, entertains, and romances. I don’t want to reveal too much with this story. So I will simply say there are some wonderful twists, and turns, No matter the time zones, these two had a very real connection that could be felt through the computer. It made me think about the concept of soulmates, and ask myself some interesting questions about love.

I loved the lead hero, Levi. A mix of old world gentleman, and modern man learning who he is he was irresistible. With his manners, particular way of speaking, and passion, he was very unique. He reminded me of Ichabod Crane from the television show, Sleepy Hollow, all effortless charm, and awkwardness. I enjoyed following him on his journey to fit in and come to grips with what happened to him in his past. Not all of the moments were pleasant, but they were real, and full of emotion.

Ta-Mara was a sassy, strong, and intelligent heroine. I loved the way she approached Levi, and the way she struggled to do what was right. I love a strong female lead in touch with her needs. She had a confidence I found intoxicating, and refreshing. It also helped that she as a major bookworm. It made it even easier to connect with her.

Nicely Done MS. Crenshaw and Ms. Burke.