Try It Tuesday: Collapsible Cat Tunnel Toys (2-Pack) by Pet Magasin



Collapsible Cat Tunnel Toys (2-Pack) 
Manufacturer:  Pet Magasin
Weight / Size:  lightweight – 1 long (L:35”, D:10”) and 1 short (L:18”, D:10”)
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Package includes 2 cat tunnels; it will be a lot of interactive play with your cat and a lot of fun
  • Collapsible Tunnel – easy to store and travel with
  • Peep hole design – you will find out how cute your cat really is
  • Diameter of the tunnel is 10” – Perfect Cat Toy for small to large cats
  • Product is made and sold by Pet Magasin – 2 years warranty and 100% money back guarantee


Review:  The set of two tunnels  arrived flat in a plastic bag to keep them clean and were easy to unfasten and open up and also easy to collapse and fasten flat to take with you.  They were colorful in a striped pattern with a hanging ball at one end of the small tunnel and a hanging furry ball and a peep hole in the larger tunnel. Made of a crinkly material that is scratch proof.

All that said my cat had no interest in playing in them or near them.  I added catnip thinking it may entice her to try but it only made her sniff around them.  I placed her in them and she ran out the other end.  We even tried putting one end against a wall so she couldn’t run out but she immediately turned and came out the same end she was placed in. I put them in two separate rooms and together in the same room at different times but still no luck in getting her interested in trying them.  She has many other toys and scratching posts that she uses.

It’s nice to see they stand behind their product with a 2 year warranty and 100% money back guarantee.  The list price of $59.99 seemed extremely high as did the price of $39.99 on Amazon.  There is currently a sale for prime members that brings the cost down to $16.97.  This might be a good product for a cat who is more adventurous than mine or who may not have as many toys already.