Try It Tuesday: Automatic Double-canopy Wind-proof Golf Rain Umbrella

Becko Black 54-Inch Automatic Double-canopy Wind-proof Golf Rain Umbrella
Manufacturer: Becko
Size: 12.8 ounces; 13.8 inches folded, with 54-inch opened
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Becko excellent water-proof auto-open & closed umbrella is made of high quality polyester material, double-canopy with vents perfectly keep away strong wind and heavy rain.
  • High quality aluminum alloy central rob and flexible fiberglass ribs can enhance the windproof effect, prevent it from flipping inside out.
  • Folding down into a compact size to carry in your briefcase or backpack, it’s big enough to protect your loved one from getting wet. Pouch it into the cover and it’s lightweight to carry on any occasions.
  • Opens with a slightly press on the button and folds up when pressing it again. It’s easy and convenient to operate. Black color is very classy, easy-match and nobler. Don’t forget to keep a spare one in your car or office in case of sudden rain.
  • Measures 14 inches (35.5 cm) long when folded, 28 inches (71 cm) long when open and 48 inches (122cm) in diameter when open, keeping you and your lover nicely shielded from the rain.


Review:  I’ll admit, I don’t use umbrella often.  I live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of rain and when it does rain, I’m not outside long enough to use one.  In fact, it’s been hard to test the umbrella since we’ve been in a drought and have had very little rainfall in the last couple months.  But I promised a review, so I improvised.

The umbrella is very sturdily build.  I played around with it trying to simulate normal use with winds and such and it stood up to my abuse.  I’ll admit that when I opened the umbrella, I was a little skeptical on the double canopy, figuring rain would get in between the layers and get me wet.  Since we’ve not had any rain, I used a hose to test this.  Since the overlap is a couple inches, I managed to stay dry.  I especially loved the canopy size.  As a plus sized girl, I need something larger than your normal umbrella to keep me dry.

The downsides… there are a couple.  First, closing it.  While you can push the button and it’ll collapse the umbrella, you still have to manually push it down to the base, and that can be a challenge.  It wasn’t as smooth or easy to finally hear that click to let me know that it was fully collapsed and ready to store.  The other is trying to get it back into it’s protective bag once it’s been opened.  I think with the extra fabric for the double canopy, it’s a little bulky and it’s almost a juggling act to try to get that bag/sleeve thing back on.  If you don’t care about it, then you’re good.  But since I’m keeping my umbrella in my car, it is almost necessary.

Overall, I liked the look, size and the job it did.