Review: Violent Delights by Helena Maeve

Violent Delights by Helena Maeve
Release Date: August 25, 2015
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 280
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



With one parent in prison and the other cold in the ground, Laure desperately wants to blend in. She’s worked hard constructing the pretense of a well-adjusted, sophisticated Parisian woman. But hiding in plain sight is only feasible as long as her father’s victims allow it.

As the anniversary of her father’s conviction draws near, Laure finds herself in the cross hairs of one last cold case with an unlikely ally. The only man she can depend on was never meant to be more than a rebound fling, a distraction from her luckless love life. Now, his fate may well rest in Laure’s hands.

Ashley is fifteen years her senior and should know better. Yet something about his neurotic neighbor draws him in. Moth to flame, he will follow Laure to the ends of the world if he must. If not, he’ll go as far as Kansas on the trail of a killer’s last unsolved murder and help unravel a mystery steeped in bloody family history.


Review: I was rather disappointed in this story as a whole. Ms. Maeve went a little overboard with the sex and didn’t go far enough with the premise for the reason Laure is the way she is.

I found it a bit hard to swallow that Laure is in a relationship one moment with no apparent problems, they break up and that very day she has a stranger in her bed having hot sex. For most that may seem as if it is a dream that comes true. But, for me it was a little out of left field; leaving me a bit puzzled as to where this was all going. I soon found out as I read on but I just didn’t connect with the characters. I found them to be flat.

I was interested in the plot about Laure’s father but it soon left me with questions that I just didn’t get the answer I wanted. Not that they weren’t answered but just not in the way that I needed them to be. Things seemed rushed. The father of one of Laure’s father’s victims went with her for a visit to the prison. Things didn’t go as he wanted so he up and left leaving Laure to find her own way home. I understand the frustration and anger but come on…

I guess overall the story wasn’t bad and the idea was an interesting one but for me it kind of got away and wrapped up in all the sex which I am not saying is bad but the two just didn’t blend for me and I just didn’t feel it. The sex scenes where hot and a little more than were needed for even an erotic story.  However I will give this author another try.