Review: Redeeming the Night by Kristine Overbrook

Redeeming the Night by Kristine Overbrook
Release Date: August 10, 2015
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 215
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



As a succubus, Ashley was raised to believe men’s souls are corrupt and must be taken from them. Her sisterhood has reaped this harvest for ages, but Ashley’s exposure to the real world has changed her way of thinking. Now she is running for her life … straight into Eric Adams’s arms.

When the daughter of a Las Vegas politician disappears, private investigator and freshly turned werewolf Eric stumbles onto a frightening series of kidnapped girls. But he finds himself distracted from the case by the mysterious Ashley. Though she keeps changing her physical appearance, he recognizes her each time their paths cross—and soon their souls are intertwined.

Now they must work together to free the girls from the clutches of a serial killer, all the while dodging the sisterhood who wants them both dead. Can Eric and Ashley change their hearts as easily as they can their appearances to save something bigger than themselves?


Review: For a moment there I didn’t know what was going on. I hadn’t read the blurb and was thinking more along the lines of witches…very dark witches.  But as I read further I caught on and found that it was a very enjoyable story. Something that was different as far as paranormal goes. I have read other succubus stories (a few anyways as not many are written) but this was challenging and full of suspense with romance added to lighten the mood. I liked it.

I liked that it showed that two people from different worlds can help each other to survive and fall in love. That is always the bonus the falling in love.  As Ashley finds out what it is like to live with shall we say humans she finds that there is good in people. Some just take longer to find. When she meets Eric the sparks fly. The chemistry is there from the first instant…He gets her scent and the hunt is on. He is drawn to her.  I liked how Eric saw through Ashley and her disguises to the real Ashley. It brought a real element to the story. An unconditional love… Just as Ashley saw Eric for the loving man that he was not a man that does harm.  I liked how Ms. Overbrook showed that growth can happen at any time allowing people to change. Also, that it is possible to love when all you have ever known it hatred. You have a choice to change.  It was an interesting mix of paranormals but it worked. I didn’t think that a werewolf and succubus could fit together but they did. In a way they are a bit alike.

I found that this was a very entertaining story even though it was a little dark at time. Different is good.  If you like different this something that you might just enjoy…It is a fast paced, easy read, filled with not only a bit of romance but also some action packed mystery and suspense.  Grab your comfy chair and settle in for a very entertaining story on the dark side.