Review: Drape Expectations by Karen Rose Smith

Drape Expectations by Karen Rose Smith
Series: Caprice De Luca Home Staging Mystery Series (# 4)
Release Date: July 28, 2015
Publisher: Kensington
Pages: 352
Source: book provided by author for review



Caprice De Luca’s former client and now friend Ace Richland–an 80’s rock star–asks her for a favor. Can she quickly stage his girlfriend’s house to sell? Widow Alanna Goodwin, a transplanted Southern beauty, will be moving in with him! Immediately Caprice realizes Alanna’s southern charm can be turned on and off at will. Caprice agrees to stage Alanna’s Kismet antebellum-styled mansion for Ace’s sake. But she soon learns Alanna doesn’t have a genuine love for her cat Mirabelle and also uncovers a plot her new client is hatching to sabotage Ace’s comeback. However, before she can tell Ace, Alanna is murdered and Ace is the prime suspect.

As Caprice investigates, she learns Alanna had more secrets than pie safes. With her Cocker Spaniel Lady by her side, she tracks down clues and adopts Alanna’s cat. In the midst of some of her own family upheaval–her uncle has moved in with her parents–she finds herself with a dilemma. Grant Weatherford, her brother’s law partner, advises Ace and reveals more of his past to her. Seth Randolph, the doctor she dates, wants her to meet his family. She must choose between them.

Danger stalks Caprice. Will her refresher self-defense course save her life? Only if she keeps her wits about her and Lady by her side.


Review: Drape Expectations by Karen Rose Smith was a great story. Smith takes readers on quite an adventure as Caprice De
Luca fights to solve another murder.

Caprice De Luca is a very likable, independent, and strong character. She is an animal lover with a huge heart who is determined to protect her family and friends. I would describe her as hard-headed because she doesn’t back down even if she could be putting herself in danger. Her mystery solving skills should be feared by all criminals.

Alanna Goodwin is not a very likable character throughout most of the book. However, readers get a better understanding of her personality and life as the story goes on. Her southern charm and sass definitely sets her apart from the other characters. As for Ace Richland, I felt like his character was stereotypical. He is a hot-headed rockstar that is trying to recreate himself in the music industry.

I would like to have read less about Caprice’s animals. I understand her dog, Lady, had a significant impact in her life but some parts were not interesting and it took away from the story.

Smith does a remarkable job of covering every detail from start to finish. I would have never guessed who the real killer was until after Caprice had figured it out. To be honest, my jaw was on the floor. I couldn’t believe the twists and turns in this story.

Although Drape Expectations can be read as a stand alone, I wish I would have read the first three books in this series. I feel like I would have had a better background of the characters and the past murders that Caprice helped solve. Despite not having the complete history, I still liked this book a lot. I really can’t wait to try the recipes in the back because they sound delicious!






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