Review: Breaking Rossi’s Rules by Kait Gamble

Breaking Rossi’s Rules by Kait Gamble
Series: Totally Five Star
Release Date: August 11, 2015
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 187
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Can a blackmailing billionaire thaw the heart of an ice princess?

Searching for an escape from her life, heiress Anika De Winter takes up her friend’s offer to get her into the exclusive Totally Five Star hotel in Monaco. It isn’t until she arrives that she finds her friend’s intentions, although likely good, thrust her right into the autocratic hands of billionaire venture capitalist Luca Rossi.

In need of a diversion, Luca had planned to spend the weekend with ‘a friend’ but finds she’s been replaced with icy Anika. He’s never been quite as intrigued by a woman before. So he proposes a deal. She spends time with him and he doesn’t say a word about how she got the room.

Trapped, Anika shouldn’t feel so attracted to devilishly handsome Luca. But the chemistry between them is explosive and it doesn’t take long for them to succumb to passion.

But will it burn out when their time in Monaco ends?


Review: Anika is the Ice Princess or that is what everyone in the tabloids call her. She is like the diamonds that her family name are named for. Only really no one tries to understand the real Anika. She just wants to get away from all the tabloids that are talking about her being left at the altar. Looks like her friend has a place for her to go and relax. Monaco where there are no tabloids and where all the rich goes to relax.

Luca is a billionaire that just wants to relax and spend time with a woman to spend his time with. When he goes to the room to pick the woman up that he made the room up for and notices someone else he can’t seem to bring himself to walk away from Anika. There is just something about her that makes him unable to leave her alone.

So what becomes a regular vacation for the two of them is anything but regular. I like how the author brings them together and the chemistry is something you feel coming off the pages. I have to say that I have found myself another new author, and I just can’t wait to read the next book in this series. I don’t know if I want it to be better than this one or not. I just feel in love with this one.

I really took notice of this book and couldn’t seem to do anything else once I read it. I can say that this is one of my favorites of the year. Will I find a better one? I don’t know. I loved the authors writing style and it was never boring, even at the beginning. I will have to say that there is some BDSM qualities in this book. Nothing dark just playing around with the edges of it.

So I will be waiting for the next book in this series and I would say that you really need to give this book a try.