Review: Always Leaving by Gene Gant

Always Leaving by Gene Gant
Release Date: November 13, 2014
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Pages: 180
Source: book provided by publisher for review

When Jason Barrett wakes up, he remembers only one thing: his name. Frightened and driven by paranoia, Jason keeps moving, going from town to town working odd jobs and making no friends. When he stumbles onto an emergency in New Hanover and saves a fellow teenage boy, it offers him the first connection he’s felt in a while.

All Ravi Mittal learns about his knight-in-shining armor is his name. Jason. But New Hanover is a small town and it is easy to reconnect. To return Jason’s kindness, Ravi wants to help solve the riddle of Jason’s missing past. As they work through clues, Jason begins to feel settled. He finds a place he belongs with Ravi—maybe something more.

But Ravi’s father’s deep-seated prejudice against the African American teen threatens to tear Jason and Ravi apart… if the mystery chasing Jason doesn’t do it first.


Review: Always Leaving is a very emotional book in more ways than one. Not only does it involves homosexuality but it has racism thrown into the mix.

Jason is a hard working African American who is trying to find out who he is. I felt so bad for him throughout the story because of the way he was treated. He jumps from town to town finding work and not getting involved in much else. That is until he stumbles upon Ravi. He seems to be immediately attracted to him. The story that follows gives the best love story a run for its money.

I feel like all of the characters were believable and they all played a powerful role in the story. The storyline itself is very well put together, leaving no room for wasting the reader’s time. From start to finish there was never a dull moment.

With same-sex marriage and racism being two of the hottest topics in America right now, I think Gant did an amazing job of combining the two. I really like how this book is put together because the reader gets to know Jason before the story begins. Not only him as a character but some of the tough situations that he has to deal with. It’s not often you read a story with so much drama. Not only the hot topics but Jason losing his memory. I don’t want to give any spoilers but I will say that the past can really come back to bite you.

Always Leaving is a great book. I loved the drama, mystery, and inspiration. I’d definitely recommend this book. I feel like this book has a message to send to everyone that reads it. Yes, it is enjoyable but it also teaches valuable lessons.