Try It Tuesday: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Manufacturer: EGRD Online
Weight: 2.4 ounces
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

The upgraded earphone has Bluetooth 4.0. Chip: CRS 8635. Supports the Apt-X Technology. It saves more power and provides high-fidelity and stereo music.

It’s exceptionally lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and light neckband that is made of ultra-light shape memory alloy. Eliminates the tangle wires that drive you crazy.

The newly added voice control function means you need to press the voice control button on your phone, and speaking with the earphone, it supports voice control. Not ordinary hands-free call.

Vibrate function . Only the left side of the earphone will vibrate when someone is calling you.
The basic features are long talk/play/standby times up to 15/10/500 hours. This will connect automatically with a phone paired previously. The wireless range is 10 meters.


Review: I tried the EGRD Wireless Bluetooth Headphones because I know a few people that have similar style headphones and I was looking for something that wouldn’t hurt my ears or fall off while exercising. I have bought a pair of Bluetooth headphones before and they fell off while I was riding my bike. Needless to say, that was a waste of money.

The packaging that the headphones came in was very nice, just like buying a pair from a retail store. It also included extra ear pieces in different sizes. The earpieces are very comfortable and easy to change to between different sizes.

The EGRD Wireless Bluetooth Headphones passed every test I put them through. I love them. They are comfortable, easy to use, and lightweight. I used them while I did PiYo and housework. During PiYo, you are required to change positions a lot and in some positions you are nearly upside down.

The headphones stayed in place the entire time. I was very impressed. I am not a jogger, but I felt like to write a review on this product, they needed to be put to the test. So, I let my husband use them for the day while he took his 10 mile run and his bike ride. He had absolutely no issues. The voice control option worked well also. When I made a call, the other person could hear me clearly with little background noise. The battery life is well above expectations. I used them all day without the battery dying. They also vibrate when someone is calling. I thought that was very nice considering most Bluetooth headphones only shut off the music and ring in your ear.

The only negative thing I will say is that there is no way to control the volume from the headphones. You have to turn the volume up on the Bluetooth device you are using. That is the only reason for a four star review instead of a five.

All in all, $20 for these headphones is a great deal. My husband has actually asked me to buy him a pair. We were both very impressed with them.