Try It Tuesday: Secret Color


Secret Color Hair Extensions
Manufacturer:  Secret Color
Size/Weight:  3.2 oz.
Source: product provided by Interact Marketing for review

Get Dramatic Color in Seconds with Secret Color™!

  • Demi-Inspired Colors
  • Patent Pending Headband Extensions
  • Can Curl or Straighten
  • Apply, Style, Remove in Seconds
  • Demi’s 4 Favorite Colors


Review:  As a 30-something, I can often be found with fun colors in my hair.  I’ve played around with pinks, purples and reds.  But 15 years of coloring my hair has taken a toll and I thought I’d see about an extension as a fun alternative.  The packaging says it’s for all hair types and lengths.  However, that isn’t accurate.  As a person with short hair, it just wouldn’t work.  So, I passed it along to my 15 year old niece (and our hair stylist) to test for me.

Kaeli before
Kaeli before

I got the blue extensions for review.  When I took it out of the box, I was first struck by how vibrant the color was.  I was excited to see how it was going to look in my niece’s blond hair (although it would have been awesome in my dark brown hair as well).  The extensions are a decent length and will work perfectly for those with shoulder to mid-back length hair with just a little trimming.  If your hair is longer or shorter, than this product probably won’t work for you.

The extensions are a strip of “hair” on a clear plastic string.  The idea is that you’d wear it almost like a headband with the clear string getting covered up by the hair on top and the extensions blending in the back of your head.  Problem is, there weren’t any real clear instructions on how to use them.  They kept directing the user to their website and there’s really nothing there either to explain how to use or care for the product.  My stylist and niece played around with it for about 30 minutes (while my hair was being traditionally colored) trying to get it to look right.

Kaeli after
Kaeli after

In the end, while it looked good, my niece reported that it was actually uncomfortable.  She said that the ends of the hair part (for lack of a better way to explain it) rubbed behind her ears and she was glad she didn’t wear glasses since it would be worse.  Both she and my stylist also stated that it was awkward hiding the clear part of the extension since my niece doesn’t really have layers or bangs.  When I was playing around with it in my short hair (and yes, it looked ridiculous), I found that I could hide the band a little easier

Between the three of us testing the product, we ended up settling on three stars.  The convenience of Secret Color is really what you’re buying this for. You’re not damaging your hair with chemicals or spending the time and money at the salon.  But the lack of instructions was a strike against it as we weren’t sure about using any product on it or about future care (like washing).  And the uncomfortable fit didn’t help either.