Review: The King of Infierno by Jasmine Hill

The King of Infierno by Jasmine Hill
Series: Totally Five Star
Release Date: July 7, 2015
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 226
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



Makayla Carrington is innocent and inexperienced…until she meets Donovan King. When the King decides that he wants Makayla, he whisks her away to the Totally Five Star Hotel in Madrid, and he’ll do anything to protect her from his clandestine BDSM activities.

All too soon, Makayla discovers Donovan’s secret, then Makayla decides that she wants something too—to be Donovan’s submissive.

A rivalry arises when an ex of Donovan’s decides that she wants him back and the woman will stop at nothing to fulfill her aim. But Donovan will do anything to protect his relationship with Makayla, and time is of the essence if he wants to keep her.


Review:  Makayla Carrington’s life is filled with worries about her mother and paying the bills. There’s certainly no time left for a demanding handsome man who refuses to take no for an answer.

In Jasmine Hill’s The King of Infierno, innocent Makayla grabs the interest of Donovan King. His less-than-innocent intentions entice Makayla, who is swept away to a world-renowned hotel in Madrid where all her passions are awakened.

What Makayla doesn’t realize is that she is on the brink of being swept into the
depths of the BDSM lifestyle, a bit of an overwhelming prospect for someone who has just lost her virginity. Her journey to experience happened with lightning speed, which was a bit out of character.

Complete with the typical over-the-top excess associated with the rich and famous, the storyline continues through various scenarios where Makayla is prepped and pampered before being thoroughly deflowered. The sexual scenes, particularly her introduction to the BDSM lifestyle, provided the bulk of the storyline. I would have liked more substance to go with the physical aspect. Not even the introduction of a former flame of Donovan’s was able to provide that missing piece that would tie everything together for me as a reader.

It was difficult for me to form an attachment to this couple because of the radical change in Makayla’s character. It didn’t seem that she would be the type to go from a life of self denial to embracing her sexuality. While I would certainly give the book high marks for the heat aspect, there wasn’t enough substance to maintain my attention.