Review: Savage Winter by Rachel Van Dyken


Savage Winter by Rachel Van Dyken
Series: Seasons of Paelo (# 1)
Release Date: July 6, 2014
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing
Pages: 82
Source: book purchased by reviewer



If they take you, you don’t come back. You either die…or wish you had. The Western Empire was ruthless. The only reason I survived was because he gave his life for me–a life that might as well have been mine, for when they stole his last heartbeats, they silenced my own. They call me princess, an answer to the prophecy, but I’m nothing more than a prisoner…awaiting my lifelong punishment. Marriage. To the Prince of the East. But it’s the Royal Protector who reminds me of what I lost. He threatens something I never thought I’d have again…my heart.


Review: I wasn’t sure if I would like this or not given that it was or should I say had the sci-fi label attached to it. But, it wasn’t that bad; to me it more Dystopian. As I read this I felt for the plight that Kyle and Kayden found themselves in at such a young age. In this short story we find young love ripped apart only to find that Kyle is destined for bigger things. To help heal an unsettled or two unsettled societies.

She sees Kayden die or so she thinks. It is hard to forget that first kiss…first love. She may have been saved by his selfless act but she does endure torture at the hands of the King.  As we fast forward six years the hope of these societies is in Kyle’s and the prince’s hands.

I felt that for such a short story this wasn’t bad. For me I felt it to be a little predictable. It was a very clean safe read. I didn’t get the emotional ties to the characters that I would have liked but it really wasn’t that bad. I would have liked a little more background about the characters and family along with a little more background information on the East and West Societies.

I think overall it is a nice fast paced story that works for a quick lunchtime read or even just something to unwind with.