Review: Light Beyond the Darkness by Tami Lund

Light Beyond the Darkness by Tami Lund
Series: Lightbearer (# 3)
Release Date: April 27, 2015
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Pages: 222
Source: book provided by the author for review



Wanting to forget the magical world from whence she came, lightbearer Carley Santiago seeks sanctuary in the human world. But when she meets shifter Reid Hennigan, she finds her heart is not so easily controlled. As passion turns to love, Carley finds that keeping secrets and hiding from her past could be dangerous for them both – fatally dangerous. Welcome back to Tami Lund’s magical world in Light Beyond the Darkness, Book 3 of her paranormal romance series, Lightbearer.

Carley was once the premier chef for the King of the Lightbearers. But when her mate pushes her over a cliff and she miraculously survives, she flees the coterie, knowing he will want to finish the job. She figures hiding in the human world is the best way to ensure her safety.

While working as a chef at one of Chicago’s top restaurants, she meets Reid Hennigan, a lone shifter running from his own past. Carley tries to push him away—she wants nothing to do with anyone from the magical community, even a persistent shifter who insists he only wants to show her pleasure.

Reid Hennigan is another reject from Quentin Lyons’ defunct pack. When he received word his pack master was dead, Reid ran away, having no interest in being forced to be subservient to another abusive pack master. Unfortunately for Reid, shifters are hardwired to be part of a pack, and soon he is wandering aimlessly through life, with no clear idea of what to do next. When he stumbles upon the shy lightbearer working at a restaurant in Chicago, he discovers a new lease on life.

Passion turns to love, and Reid figures his life is pretty damn perfect, despite no longer belonging to a pack. But Carley has secrets of her own, and her secrets could be fatal—to both of them.


Review: I just need to let everyone know right off the bat that Tami Lund is just such a nice person. Really. I feel the need to say this because she sought me out through Romancing the Book and let me read the third installment of her book for the blog. She didn’t have to do that and I wanted to say thank you for allowing me to read your work. I truly love this series and I’m getting emotionally invested into these “people”.

This book, which is the third installment of the series deals with Carly and Reid. This is a series but each book is it’s own story. There are some elements from previous books that will be carried over into the new books, but I feel that Tami covers the important information so that the reader understands what’s going on if they haven’t read any of the books that came before. I would highly recommend reading all three books, they’re worth reading.

Carly has been through so much and is so strong mentally. I don’t think Carly realizes how strong she is. She’s still healing emotionally and physically from past trauma. She’s such a likable character because she’s so flawed, she’s caring, compassionate, and realizes the mistakes she’s made and is willing to admit to them.

Reid is also another character that has gone through so much and is strong physically as well as mentally. He’s not afraid to go after what he wants. He also realizes the mistakes that he’s made and is determined not to make those same mistakes again. I loved the scene when he tracks down Carly and introduces himself to her. Pure shifter style. If the reader has read any of the books, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that. Reid has a vulnerability about him that Carly responds to. She can’t help it. These two characters are drawn to each other.

I think what resonates so deeply with me is that these books touch on some of what’s happening in the real world. Intolerance, race relations (the lightbearers and the shfters), having the belief that one race is better or superior then the other, not believing that the shifters and the lightbearers should mate each other and have children. I love how Tami touches on all of these problems. She’s gentle with her characters and the problems they face, but she’s also not afraid to tackle these extreamly real and prevelant problems within her world.

Go, give this series a try, check out her web site, indulge in all things Tami. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.




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  1. Tami Lund says:

    Oh my gosh, what an amazing and flattering review! Thank you! And I’m so glad you saw the connection to “real life,” too!!

    Thanks for reading and reviewing and sharing :). ~ Tami

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