Review: I’ll Be Waiting by Wendy Lynn Clark

I’ll Be Waiting by Wendy Lynn Clark
Series:  San Juan Island Stories (# 6)
Release Date:  August 7, 2014
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Pages: 30
Source:  book provided by the author for review



For five years Skylar has awaited this moment–the return of her high school crush from his tour of duty in Afghanistan and the opportunity to learn if the sweet, silent and serious helicopter pilot shares her dream of the future.


Review: A sweet romance that shows just how found distance can make the heart. Skylar and Luke fell in heavy like as their senior year ended. But as summer hit and they graduated, he went off to basic, and she continued on with her life. Keeping in touch via the net, they made a vow to meet again in five years, on their high school reunion. As time passes, the meeting comes to mean much more. With her long term boyfriend on hold to find out what could be, Skylar is putting a lot on the line to meet with Luke.

Ms. Clark does an excellent job of taking us from the past to the future and showing the growth that can happen when you get to know one another one sentence a time. I liked Lucas, who seemed solid, intelligent, and responsible. But the story was almost a mystery in that, they miss one another, and the whole build up is about what will happen. I missed the romance portion of this. I also didn’t like the airheaded quality Skylar had, but that’s my own personal preference, and nothing to do with Ms. Clark’s writing.  Over all this was an enjoyable short read.