Review: His Diamond Queen by Lena Hart

His Diamond Queen by Lena Hart
Series: The Queen Quartette (# 4)
Release Date: December 30, 2014
Publisher: Maroon Ash Publishing
Pages: 286
Source: book provided by the author for review



Rachelle Silva is used to getting what she wants. As the beloved secret daughter of a ruthless crime boss, she wants for nothing–except freedom from her overprotective father. But when her identity is compromised and her life is threatened, Rachelle is given the one thing she’s always hated most: an escort.

Former fighter Jay Price stays connected with Vegas’s criminal underbelly, and for the right price he’ll take on any job. But when he’s hired to babysit self-centered “princess” Rachelle, he finds himself captivated by the beautiful, spoiled socialite–and annoyed by his sudden attraction to her.

Confused by her own attraction to the tattooed “thug,” Rachelle sets out to make Jay as aware of her as she is of him. Unfortunately the threats to her life are all too real, and Jay is forced to bring her into “his world” until the threat is…dealt with. But he has an even bigger fight on his hands–his desire for the one woman he’s forbidden to have.


Review: This is the fourth book in the Queen Quartette series. If the reader hasn’t read any of the books prior to this one, the author has provided enough information and back story that the reader will have no problems following the story line. It is highly recommended that the reader read the books in the series as it will enhance the readers enjoyment of the entire story, but it’s not necessary.

Rachelle is very young and spoiled. She’s used to having things go HER way. Most of her family is accommodating and her friends accept her for who she is. Rachelle is unaware of how she comes across to other people. She doesn’t realize how uncompromising and self-centered she can be at times. She’s not like this all the time, but she has a tendency to want things to go her way. She’s aware of her parents unconventional relationship and is accepting of what it is. She knows that this isn’t the type of relationship that she wants for herself. At first, I thought that Rachelle lacked insight into who she is, but then I realized that that isn’t the case at all. When Rachelle revealed how much she craved a relationship where there were no secrets or deception, much like her parents relationship, it made me realize how in touch with herself and her feelings that Rachelle really is. I grew to like her that much more when I saw that about her. Rachelle really grows and comes into her own through this book. She realizes that there is more out there in life besides herself and her wants and needs and really makes an effort to change and grow and challenge herself.

Jay is a real sweetheart. He’s had some heartbreak and sad things happen in his life, but those events don’t change him and turn him into a bad person. If anything, they change him and make him stronger and more able to deal with life and the challenges that a person may face on a day to day basis. He’s also an enigma. He reveals just enough about himself that the reader wants to know more about him. Jay didn’t give into Rachelle’s demands, but he wasn’t a total hard ass with her either. He had his sensitive moments with her as well.

I liked that even though these two characters had preconceived ideas about each other when they first met, they gave each other a chance to prove to the other that there is more to a person then what you see, and if you give someone a chance, they can reveal so much about themselves to you. I’m glad they gave each other a chance.

I hope that you give this series and author a chance. She’s an awesome writer and her stories are very entertaining. Look her up on Amazon, she’s got some books out, besides the Quartette series.