Review: Forever by Rachel Van Dyken


Forever by Rachel Van Dyken
Series: Seaside (# 3.5)
Release Date: November 4, 2013
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 102
Source: book provided by author for review



This is the conclusion to Alec and Nat’s story.

I breathed in and out for a few seconds as I waited at the end of the aisle. It felt like I was standing overlooking the edge of a cliff, and the minute I saw my future wife, I was going to freefall.

The music started.

Shit, I was seriously going to pass out.

People stood, Demetri nodded his head and patted me on the back.

And then I saw her.

It was like seeing her for the first time all over again. Memories of meeting her that first day of school had me grinning from ear to ear. The local girl, who didn’t even know who I was the first time she saw me, fell for me. And in return, gave me her heart for safekeeping. I ached to touch her as she walked slowly down the aisle. Her brown eyes met mine. And I lost it. Every single fear that I was holding on to snapped.

Forget drugs.

Forget needing to calm down.

I couldn’t stop my heart from beating out of my chest, and I didn’t want to. I just wanted to touch her, to tell her how pretty she was in her white dress. I wanted to promise her forever, I wanted to be her eternity.


Review:  I can tell you that I did a lot of breathing myself with this book. After reading Shatter I wondered if this day would really come for Alec and Nat. It seemed everything was going great until everything shattered and I am holding my breath to see if this book will make it through without something happening. Will these two make it?

Their love has been a fairy tale for me. They have made it through so much and finally all the darkness comes off to bring the light, which is their love shining through. Now I won’t tell you how much I cried with this book. I just will say that I had a huge box of tissues at hand and carried them along with my kindle around. That means I was walking back and forth.

I liked how much Demetri and Alyssa was for them and making the wedding happen. So you see how much the three of them had made it and you realize how much they have grown up. Of course you need some laughter in your lives and that is what this story is about. Is it the last we will see of these four? Man I hope not. I can say that this has been such a wonderful series so far.