Review: Evoke by Rachel Van Dyken


Evoke by Rachel Van Dyken
Series: Elite Eagle (# 1.5)
Release Date: December 1, 2014
Publisher: self published
Pages: 12
Source: free read



He saw her first. He wanted her first.  But it was my job to protect her, so even though he was first, I swore I wouldn’t stay second–not for long. Nobody ever said being born into the mafia was a cake walk–I just had no idea that the first time I’d feel fear in my twenty-one years–would be because she was looking at me like I had her heart. And him like he held her soul.


Review: Elite is the book started it all, and had me clamoring for more. The badass that is Nixon is just so hot he lights the pages of my Kindle on fire. Elite is the first book in the Eagle Elite series and does an amazing job introducing us to the characters that we all grew to love. Trace is the female lead and Nixon is the male lead. In Evoke we get to see what happens when Chase (Nixon’s best friend) finally tells Trace exactly how he feels about her and we also see how she feels. This is a short story that Rachel wrote on her wattpad account to fill in the time between Elite and Elect.

All of the books that I have read by Rachel Van Dyken have all done the same thing for me. I get so caught up in the details and the connections of the story that before I know it the book is done. I great problem and a tragedy at the same time. Unfortunately for me I read fast and the books don’t last as long as I like but the character development is amazing.

In this book we get to dive more into Chase’s head and see how he feels for Trace, and the emotions that he goes through in trying to hide that fact from her, Nixon and everyone. The good and bad thing for Chase is that Nixon has told him he has to protect Trace at all costs. The torture that he goes through every day in being with her as a body guard just has me feeling so bad for Chase. Do be so close to the one that you love and not be able to reach them is heartbreaking.

Evoke was an amazing read and let me learn more about Trace and Chace and how their relationship developed from the beginning. Because of the attention to details and amazing story line I am giving Evoke a 5 rose rating. I also recommend grabbing a couple of tissues to read this one.

Favorite Quote: “To me. You’re everything. I’d protect you until my dying day because I can’t imagine living in a world where your smile didn’t exist.”