Review: Entwined by Josie Litton

Entwined by Josie Litton
Series: Anew (# 3)
Release Date: May 31, 2015
Publisher: self published
Pages: 293
Source: Book provided by author for review



Amelia and Ian’s story comes to a stunning conclusion in Book Three of this erotic retelling of “Sleeping Beauty” set in the near future. Escaping deadly danger in the glittering city of Manhattan, the lovers find refuge on an island sanctuary where beauty disguises lethal intent.

As they seek to bridge the chasm of lies and half-truths that threaten to destroy them, they discover a new, far deeper love that opens the way to healing and redemption.

But when a deadly enemy threatens to strike again, Ian and Amelia have no choice but to return to the world beyond the island. There they must confront their ultimate fears and together find the means to save everything that matters most.


Review:  Amelia and Ian are grappling with the aftermath of a deadly attack as Entwined, the final book in Josie Litton’s Anew series, begins.

Of the books in this trilogy, this one is what I would describe as the “deepest” because it delves into the debate regarding replicas (cloned humans). Amid the preparations for a manhunt, Ian and Amelia steal time for themselves with off-the-chart hot passionate encounters.

It’s a rapidly moving storyline that keeps readers guessing until the very end. As a piece of dystopian fiction, everything is relatively new to the reader given that this is about a society in the future that is vastly different from what we are used to. Amelia is especially compelling as a strong female character who handles her circumstances with grace in spite of being thrust into a new world of unfamiliarity. Seeing the bond between Ian and Amelia serves to reinforce the concept that love can conquer even the most difficult challenges.

The author did an impressive job keeping the storyline alive across the series with new and exciting plot twists. That can be very difficult when delving into science fiction, but there is nothing about this book that could be considered stale. Venturing away from the tried and true is often a gamble, but the author successfully did it with the Anew series.

To fully appreciate the series, it must be read in sequence. The author has also penned a novella titled Anew: The Epilogue. With a cast of interesting secondary characters and plenty of drama, the final installment not only answered all of my questions, but added a bow on top.

Favorite Quote: “Regardless of how we look or what we believe or even how we come into the world, we’re all human.”