Review: Eagle’s Honor: Banished by Sandra Schwab

Eagle’s Honor: Banished by Sandra Schwab
Release Date: June 5, 2015
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Pages: 217
Source: Provided by the author for review



A proud warrior.
A brave woman.
A forbidden love that is tested by the intrigues of ancient Rome and the hostilities at the northernmost edge of the empire.

Centurion Marcus Florius Corvus has a splendid career in the legions ahead of him. Yet a visit to Rome and a chance encounter with an old friend change his whole life: He falls in love with one of his friend’s pleasure slaves and becomes entrapped in an evil scheme designed to destroy him. And yet—he cannot help risking everything for Lia, the woman he has given his heart to, even if it means he will be banished to one of the most dangerous places in the Roman Empire: the northern frontier of Britannia.


Review:  The key to author Sandra Schwab’s new book can easily be found in the title, Eagle’s Honor.

In this historical romance set in Ancient Rome, Centurion Marcus Florius is introduced as a military man who believes strongly in honor and service. Perhaps that is one reason he is drawn to the slave girl, Nubia.

On the surface, Nubia is the perfect slave, ready to do her master’s bidding. Marcus is fascinated by her and breaks through her defenses to find the real woman underneath, Lia.

In order to create a future with Lia, Marcus will face challenges on all fronts. One of the biggest hurdles is convincing Lia that her desires matter. Ultimately, Marcus will face a test of his honor.

I have to give kudos to the author for tackling this time period. While the historical data seemed accurate, I got the impression that this was a much more modernized version. Fortunately, the author opted to omit the dialog of the time period, which really would have decreased the story’s appeal for me.

Readers do need to be aware that as a slave, Nubia has to perform acts that are not exactly consensual. This could be a trigger for some readers.

From a heat standpoint, the sexual intensity is integrated well into the storyline. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to immerse myself in the storyline, even with the erotic elements. Whether it’s simply because of the setting or a perceived lack of depth, Eagle’s Honor was an interesting read, but not my favorite.