Review: Diving Uprising by Rachel Van Dyken


Diving Uprising by Rachel Van Dyken
Release Date: December 18, 2014
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing
Pages: 219
Source: Book provided by the author for review



The fallen were never named, therefore we go by our human names, names given to us by people who use to worship us. I’m Athena, one thing you need to know about me? I hate having to protect the human race, but my job as Seeker asks me to do just that – so that one day, I can earn a spot in heaven. My father is the leader of the Phantoms, so I’m pretty sure that the archangels think of me as a flight risk, maybe that’s why they gave me the most gorgeous and annoying partner in all of Halceyon, Adonis. His kisses give me strength, his presence soothes my soul – but our love, is completely forbidden.


Review: Another sleeper of a book for me. I was so surprised how fast I got pulled into this. In Divine Uprising we are introduced to Thena and Adonis the female and male leads respectively. This is the kind of love story that I can’t get enough of. It’s not just you meet two people and they fall in love but it is one that they need to work on. It’s there in the story and you can see the connection between Thena and Adonis.

I found myself so entranced by this story. I loved learning about Gods, Titans, and other myths when I was growing up and that is all touched on in this amazing story. In a good vs evil setting where sides must be chosen you really learn what people’s true colors are. Set in present time but dealing with things that go bump in the night.  Set in multiple locations I never felt overwhelmed by the changes and was able to follow the story without any issue.

As with all of the books I have read by Rachel Van Dyken I am giving this a 5 Rose rating for being able to surprise me with the detail and a look back into times forgotten.

Favorite Quote: “It’s impossible that you don’t know how beautiful you are, Thena. Sometimes I wonder if you’re at all aware of the effect you have on the male species.”