Review: Designated Alpha by Crissy Smith

Designated Alpha by Crissy Smith
Series: What’s Her Secret? (# 2)
Release Date: July 14, 2015
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 250
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



In Last Call, Piper Maxwell revealed her true self to her mate, Jace Anderson. After fighting to survive the night on which her biggest secret was exposed, Piper believed she’d get her happily ever after. Too bad fate had other plans.

Jace would do anything to protect Piper. Finding out who and what Piper truly is seems like the best way to help. Unbeknown to Jace, though, the more he seeks answers, the bigger the risk he’s putting Piper and himself in.

All Piper wanted was to run the bar Jace owned and make her home with the man she loves. Now she’s being stalked by a scared young man, Jace’s best friend is looking into her past while staying with them, and they have a meeting with a stranger who shares Piper’s abilities. Things are changing rapidly and Piper finds herself struggling to understand what is really going on with her.

Nothing is what it appears to be as Piper and Jace are captured and held hostage. The only way they’ll be able to survive this time is if Piper can keep her newest and largest secret yet from the man who holds their lives in his hands.


Review:  As Piper Maxwell settles in for a happy ending with Jace Anderson, her shifter side has other plans.

In Designated Alpha, author Crissy Smith picks up where her novella, Last Call, left off. This time, Piper and Jace face losing everything, including their lives, when her secret is exposed.

I was impressed with the character development in this story, especially the way Piper evolved from a fairly quiet woman to a confident leader. This was the first time I had ever read about a female being placed in the Alpha position. It was also interesting to see how Jace fit into the equation as a non-shifter.

There is a good rapport among the characters, not just the sexual chemistry between Jace and Piper. Mitch and Bobby add an important element to the storyline, as does the introduction of Brian and his unit. There’s plenty of potential for addition stories thanks to these characters.

A truly horrific challenge could mean the end for Jace and Piper. Not only is there a surprise plot twist, but the author makes sure that the “bad” guys are truly evil. Jace and Piper have to fight their way out in order to guarantee they will have a future together.

I was pleased to see there was more to the story between Jace and Piper than what was featured in the novella. These two characters certainly ramped up the heat in the bedroom and everywhere else they could find. Now I’m ready to read about the rest of the pack and what happens next.