Review: Colors by G.C. Nichols

Colors by G.C. Nichols
Release Date: May 12, 2015
Publisher: self published
Pages:  200
Source: book provided by the author for review



Gypsies bestowed the curse. A sadistic man unleashed its power.

Gioia Vita, at thirty-four, is not living the joyous life her cultural name might suggest. Haunted by an abusive past and tormented by the harsh illustrations of a cynical world she struggles to bury her secrets and find serenity in her life. Plagued by a glitch in her vision, she perceives colors and mystical imagery surrounding people that warn her of their intrinsic nature. With a fear of old world superstitions implanted into her from an early age, Gioia finds herself believing in these enchantments. Especially now, that she is seeing these… colors.

The desire for adventure in her sheltered life prevails when an acquaintance invites her back into the subculture of her rebellious youth. Her vision helps her navigate this tumultuous world few get to experience, the world of 1%ers. An enclave of brothers, bearing colors that reject normal society. She unexpectedly finds the warm colors of family, friends and a new love. Braden Davies restores passion in her heart, but can an outlaw from a chaotic underground culture heal her wounds? First, they must conquer the manipulative adversary that haunts them, unearth long buried family secrets, and learn that sometimes a curse can really be a gift.


Review: I really enjoyed this unique blend of cultures that once woven together made a very beautiful tapestry.

At first you might think that motorcycles…gypsies…and the paranormal just don’t mix. Well when G. C. Nichols blended them together they worked. I know I was infatuated. I enjoyed the magical romance/love story that brings together what most would feel was a little bit of an unconventional family together and it works. It was easy to care for Gioia and Braden along with the mismatched family that just moved into my home and took over. Characters were complex but you know what that adds depth, grit and charm to them making them more of what I like. They become real to me and easier to care for much more quickly than normal.

I feel it is easy to relate to Gioia because of my grandmother who was very superstitious herself and instilled that into me. She herself had visions of which I have inherited so it was easy to relate to Gioia along with the other aspects. At times I can see the aura/or colors around things so I know what she is going through. I too have always thought of this as a curse. Braden was the bonus in the story because he shows that bikers are full of heart.

An unconventional family that is more than unique.  I can’t wait for another enchanting story from G.C. Nichols.