Try It Tuesday: Winkine PU Leather Vintage Women Backpack


Winkine PU Leather Vintage Women Backpack – Fashion College School Travel Bag Handbag (Black, Small)
Manufacturer: Winkine
Size: 8.7 (Top L)/10.2 (Bottom L)*3.9 (W) * 12.2 (H) inch
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • APPEALING LOOKING: A pretty, elegant and sophisticated looking backpack purse. Super cool and stylish. Cute yet fashionable enough to use for school, work and weekend errands. Great for high school and college girl, and all fashion ladies. It’s also a great gift idea.
  • GREAT QUALITY: Very well made by high quality PU leather as main material and polyester cloth as inner lining. The soft and slippery texture of the material lets the bag slide on your back yet not cling to your clothes, so your shirt or jacket won’t get bunched up or tangled in the bag. The stitching is compact, tight and sturdy. The adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable, secure and with the perfect width.
  • MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS: One big main compartment, two front pockets and a cool small vertical zipper compartment on the back. Inside the backpack, there are two small pockets at the top of the outside wall and a half-sized zippered compartment on the inside wall. All your lady stuff can fit comfortably in the backpack purse, like scarf, hat, gloves along with all the usual lady supplies (makeup, brush, wallet, papers…), and of course, your other utensils and notebooks etc.
  • MODEST SIZE: Neither too big nor too small. Enough to fit your daily necessities (wallet, checkbook, makeup bag, cell phone, keys, etc.) and can easily fit more. iPad can fit inside and it stands firmly for ease of finding things. The space inside is very open that you can see everything, no digging blindly in it.


Review:  I am always looking for the right size handbag.  I don’t have kids, so I don’t need some massive bag.  But I do need more than a clutch since I almost always have a book or my e-reader with me.  So, when I saw this product, I decided to give it a try.

The packaging was decent.  Since it’s not fragile, there wasn’t any real need for padding.  It was in a standard shipping box.  Upon opening the box, the scent of “leather” was pretty strong.  But after a few days, it’s not so noticeable.  It’s the perfect size for my needs.  Holds my wallet, phone, e-reader and a few other objects with some room to spare.  There are a bunch of pockets for quick access to keys or lipstick or a pack of gum.

I did have a small problem with the pulls on the bag.  While I was at the doctor’s office, I accidentally picked up the bag by the pull for the main compartment and it broke off.  I don’t think the purse was overloaded or anything.  Since there were two pulls for that compartment, I kept using the bag and a couple days later the other one broke off while zipping it.  I talked with customer service and they sent me a new bag.  So far I’ve not had any problems with the pulls on the new one.  I’m not sure if I just had a defective one or not, but customer service was awesome.

While this is a backpack, it’s most definitely not made for being a true backpack.   It won’t carry textbooks or notebooks.  But it works great as a purse.  My only real complaint about the style is the medallion on the front.  It has an odd cartoon character and quote (not even a quote, almost like a bunch of random words).  It’s a little too childish for the rest of the bag.  That said, I’ve had several compliments on the bag and do recommend it.