Try It Tuesday: Morning Pep Coconut Flour


Coconut Flour 
Manufacturer:  Morning Pep
Weight / Size:  Coconut Flour 4.1 lbs
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

Morning Pep’s Organic coconut Flour is made from certified organic fresh coconut. After separating the rich, White coconut meat from its shell we use pressurized steam to remove most of its fat. We thoroughly dry the defatted coconut before milling it to a Fine cream colored Flour. With a texture very similar to wheat Flour. Morning Pep Coconut Flour provides the perfect wheat and gluten substitute. Morning pep Coconut Flour is also high In Fiber with more than 20% protein, and low in sodium, cholesterol, and digestible carbohydrates. WHAT IS ORGANIC COCONUT FLOUR ? Morning Pep Organic coconut Flour is made from Certified 100% Organic Coconuts. Morning Pep Organic coconut Flour is rich in texture and is natural sweetened. Morning Pep Organic coconut Flour is Kosher and Allergen free, certified organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. Morning Pep Organic coconut Flour has been recommended by many healthcare professionals as a Wheat substitute for those with gluten sensitivity. Morning Pep Organic coconut Flour is made from fresh organic coconut meat from the Philippines. It is dried and defatted, then finely ground to a flour. It’s made in small batches at low temperatures to ensure the freshness and quality of the product. Morning Pep Organic coconut Flour Substitute for wheat flour in cakes, breads, muffins and more. Morning Pep Organic coconut Flour Is Rich in texture and is unique natural sweetened, and has A good source of protein and gluten free High in fiber, low in digestible carbohydrates. Delicious, healthy alternative to wheat and other grain flours.


Review: I’ve been very excited about trying this product because I wanted an alternative flour that would offer health benefits. According to a little internet research, coconut flour is gluten-free, rich in dietary fibers, safe for diabetics, and packed with protein. Although, coconut flour can only replace about 15-30 percent of the regular flour in a recipe.

The texture of the flour was perfect. As soon as I opened the bag, my mouth began to water. My main concern was that the Morning Pep Coconut Flour would change the taste of my recipes and make the substitution noticeable. However, it added a slightly sweeter taste without any flavor changes. I made pancakes and muffins for my children and a cake for the entire family and I didn’t tell them that I added the coconut flour. Everything turned out perfectly. They loved all of it. No one mentioned a strange taste or complained at all.

I think Morning Pep Coconut Flour was an absolute win!  I absolutely loved this product and I will definitely be ordering more.