Try It Tuesday: Marrywindex Fashion Unisex Computer Glasses


Marrywindix Fashion Unisex Computer Glasses- Anti-reflective ,Anti-glare ,Clear Lens, Uv Protection (Amber)
Manufacturer: Marrywindex
Weight / Size: .03 ounces
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

Marrywindix Fashion Unisex Computer Glasses- Anti-reflective ,Anti-glare ,Clear Lens, Uv Protection

  • Color:amber,as picture shown
  • Reduces Eye Fatigue – Decreases visual stress caused by prolonged monitor viewing.
  • Very unique looking,Practical performance,Comfortable feel
  • a really nice black canvas, solidly-built zip case is included with these computer glasses.
  • Anti-Glare – Minimizes visual glare.


Review: When the glasses arrived for their test run I was more than ready.  I am on the computer all day and my eyes get so tired and so dried out, I was looking for some relief and hoping these glasses might do the trick.

The packaging for the glasses left a little to be desired.  They were in a shipping bag with no padding.  The glasses themselves did come in a sturdy case so they were protected, but a little more reinforcement around them would be recommended.

As I mentioned before I get tired dry eyes and I have found that using these glasses are actually helping like I hoped.  As long as I use them when I start the day they seem to take the strain off of my eyes and make it a lot easier to go the entire day on the computer without needing drops.

I however would not market these are a unisex product.  Once I opened the glasses even though they are amber they are just not a frame that I would see a lot of men wearing.  I also wouldn’t see a lot of women wearing them either.  They are a little bulky and the style leaves a little to be desired.  However they get the job done even if they aren’t flattering.

I give these glass a Rose in Bloom rating.