Try it Tuesday: Hands Free Dog Leash


Hands Free Dog Leash
Manufacturer: Pet Magasin
Shipping Weight: 7.2 ounces
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

★ Hand Free Dog Leash – No need holding your dogs – Perfect for Runners, bikers and other    sporty type
★ Dog Leash comes with a cool waist belt bag, which can hold your keys, wallets and others
★ Wide waist belt distributes dog’s pulling force equally on your waist so that would be more comfortable; it goes well with any leash you already had and liked
★ Dog Leash extends up to 10 foot = 3 meters; not Suggested use for dogs weight more than 75 pounds
★ Product is made and sold by Pet Magasin – 2-year warranty and 100% money back guarantee

2-year warranty and 100% money back guarantee


Review: Upon receipt of the Hands Free Dog Leash, the packaging that it was shipped in worked for what it was.  It was shipped in a sealed plastic bag with the product tucked inside.  There are very few parts on the hands free dog leash but there is some plastic on the belt clip that can be broken easily if not careful, and the fanny back portion itself is a nylon material.  It has a Velcro square on the front of the pouch so you could store something in the pocket if desired.  I would like to see a little bit more packaging to ensure the product arrives in one piece and a little stronger material for the fanny pack.  If a strong dog pulled it would rip the D- Ring right off.

Once I opened it up and tried it out I was a little surprised to basically find a fanny pack with do D-Rings attached to it and a 10ft lead to attach to your dog.  For me this worked just fine.  I have two smaller dogs that don’t pull and when we walk we are away from high traffic areas.  I would not recommend this product to people who have larger dogs or dogs that are not lead trained.  All it would take would be for the dog to see an object or another animal that they want to go after and if not careful the person on the other side of that leash is going to get pulled down the street and it might not be on their feet.

This is a great product for well behaved small dogs in quiet neighborhoods, not the big dogs and certainly not in a busy area with distractions.

I give the Hands Free Dog Leash a Rosebud rating.  It’s good in theory but needs a little more work to be stable and functioning product.