Review: Love By Secrets by Debra Elizabeth


Love by Secrets by Debra Elizabeth
Series: Age of Innocence (# 1)
Release Date: October 19, 2011
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc
Pages: 196
Source: book provided by the author for review



Eighteen-year-old Emily Stanton is excited to attend this Season’s balls and begin her search for a husband. She is thrilled when the dashing and handsome Connor Preston begins to court her. After each ball, Emily finds a love note in her drawstring reticule, and she expects a marriage proposal from Connor any day. When her father objects and forces Emily to accept the proposal from Lady Tisbury’s shy nephew, Ethan Richardson instead, her heart is broken. How can she love her new husband when her heart belongs to the man who wrote her such beautiful love letters?


Review: This is a very simple yet sweet read. Emily wants a husband thinking she found the perfect man in Conner who is touted as a fortune hunter. Sometimes we don’t always get what we want or think we want.

I found this to be a rather slow story. I liked the premise for the story itself but it almost seemed as if it wasn’t researched enough. The relationship tended to be lacking or just falling short. I had to keep reminding myself that Emily was very immature for her age (which usually girls in the Regency period tend to be a little more mature). I felt the urge to slap Emily from time to time because she simply acted like a spoiled brat. So you don’t get everything you want but try to at least show some respect for the poor man who had the misfortune to marry such a spoiled girl. Try to make the best of the situation or go have an affair. They did do that even in that era. I felt sorry for Ethan.

I had a hard time finding a connection with any of the characters. I wanted to and I tried grasping but, the characters just fell a little flat for me. I just didn’t feel the chemistry between the characters and the storyline. I am not saying that it was horrible because I was entertained to a certain extent. I just expected more.

I found that Ms. Elizabeth did a nice job showing how a young girl becomes captivated by a good looking guy who kisses them thinking that it means so much more. Then to find that there is the shy, wimpy guy who could actually be the better catch, that gets overlooked because she is infatuated by the good looking guy. There was so much I expected or was looking for in the story that I didn’t find. All the elements were there…best friend who was kind of plain/good looking guy/wimpy guy/controlling father/spoiled naïve girl. She did a great job of teenage vulnerability but for me a little less spoiled would have worked better.

I think that over all for something to take to the beach or take you away from housework this works. Ms. Martin wrote a very nice traditional regency romance that was just safe but, a nice change from the norm.