Review: Frontier Highlander Vow of Love by Dorothy Wiley

Frontier Highlander Vow of Love by Dorothy Wiley
Series:   American Wilderness (# 4)
Release Date: May 14, 2015
Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages: 336
Source: book provided by author for review



Strathnaver, Scotland, Summer 1792. The Highland Clearances abruptly destroy Artis MacKay’s idyllic world. Patrick Steller, the Countess of Sutherland’s estate manager murders Artis’ family and burns her village. Forced into indentured servitude in the colonies, she becomes a Virginia plantation servant. After seven long years, Artis receives her freedom dues—land in Kentucky.

Bear MacKee grew up in the Highlands too, but disease claims his parents on his family’s voyage to the colonies. Adopted by the Wyllies, he becomes a loyal and fiercely protective brother who journeys with them to Kentucky. With his brothers safely settled, the time comes for Bear to find his own wife and future.

Their past and their destiny entwined, Artis and Bear meet and pledge their love. But a cold-blooded old enemy and a ruthless new adversary threaten to crush Artis and Bear’s chance for happiness. And the dark side of nature becomes a frightening adversary too. For love to triumph in the wilderness, they must evoke the MacKay Clan motto—Manu Forti—with a strong hand.

Compassionately written, richly authentic, powerfully dramatic, FRONTIER HIGHLANDER VOW OF LOVE, will make you both weep and laugh while you fall in love with the characters. This is the highly-anticipated fourth novel in best-selling author Dorothy Wiley’s American Wilderness Series Romances—epic love stories of the frontier. Like her first three award-winning books in the series, this historical romance is a heart-wrenching, memorable, fast-paced action adventure. Spell-bound by horrific events and villains, action readers fear for her valiant characters. And charmed by the beauty of Wiley’s love stories, romance lovers cheer for her endearing heroes and heroines.


Review: This is the fourth book in Wiley’s American Wilderness series and it did not disappoint.  While this book opens with its prologue in 1792 in Scotland most of the story takes place in the United States – mainly Virginia and Kentucky.  The prologue gave a lot of background information and only made me want to see where the author would take us next.

This is Bear and Artis’ story and what a story it is.  There are so many twists and turns, misadventures and mishaps that I kept turning the pages to see what would happen next.  It was great to be reunited with Bear’s brothers, Sam and William and their families but William, his wife Kelly and his father-in-law are front and center in this book.  When Bear and Artis first meet there is an instant attraction and the chemistry became apparent each subsequent time they met up.  Finding out they’re descended from the same part of Scotland, the same clan and that they both carry their heritage with pride only makes them have a stronger connection.  Learning their customs and hearing them speak their native tongue just strengthened their ties.  I loved how they added the phrase, And a wee bit longer to many circumstances and how they reminisced about their lives there.  Kentucky was still rough and there were a lot of unsavory and dangerous characters.  Both Kelly and Artis showed their ability to get things done and not to show their fear no matter what dilemma they found themselves in.  They were definitely forces to be reckoned with and both had the strength to survive such an untamed place. There were wonderful descriptions of the land, the animals, the homes and the relationships between friends and foe.  The story flowed smoothly and had secrets, fear, longing, wild animals, weapons, good guys and bad, heartache and happiness along with tears, illness, dreams, hard work, romance and love.  Bear was ferocious but could be surprisingly gentle especially with and around Artis.  There were many layers to all the characters and it was a pleasure to get to know them better as the story progressed.  There was a happily ever after and nice closure but an epilogue would have been great.

Wiley is one of my favorite new authors.  I love her accurate portrayal of the settling of the American Frontier and also how her characters come to life. I was happy to see that the series will continue since there will be a fifth book that I can’t wait to read it.  Well done once again Ms. Wiley!

Favorite Quote: …”But we did not lose what is most important.  We carry the pride of our ancestors and our love for Scotland with us in our hearts.  It is na left back in the Highlands.  The Almighty sent us both here for a reason.  It’s yer duty to learn what that reason is.”