Review: Bigfoot Blues by Ricardo Sanchez

Bigfoot Blues by Ricardo Sanchez
Series: Elvis Sightings Mystery (# 2)
Release Date: May 4, 2015
Publisher: Carina Press
Pages: 251
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



She eloped with Bigfoot. Or maybe Bigfoot kidnapped her. Either way, I’ve been hired to uncover the truth behind Cindy Funk’s disappearance. Me? I’m Floyd, and I’m a PI living my life as Elvis would have wanted. Not just in sequined jumpsuits. With character.

Cindy’s trail leads me to River City, Oregon—aka the Mythical Creature Capital of the World—where I catch Case #2. This one from an eccentric billionaire who’s lost a priceless piece of “art.” Enter one dead body and I end up deputized to solve Case #3, tracking down a man-eating mountain lion. Or maybe it’s a chupacabra. Or just an ordinary murderer. Hard to say.

I’ve handled my fair share of crazy, but River City’s secrets have me spooked. With an influx of tourists arriving for the town’s annual Elvis tribute contest—what are the chances?—I’ve got to save the girl, solve the rich guy’s problem and leash that chupacabra before a second body is discovered. It might just be mine.


Review:  I find it hard to believe cryptotaxidermy exists, at least outside of Etsy. I had to look it up. It does exist. It’s an actual thing. Which almost makes it unique in a book centered around the search for both Sasquatch and the chupacabra.

Floyd (no last name) is a completely likeable character who has given his life over to Elvis. I like that he is not an impersonator, even cringes at the thought of Elvis tribute artists, but chooses to live his life in the vein of WWED (What Would Elvis Do?). Floyd is smart enough to want to do right in this world but not always smart enough to deal with the people in this world.

Case in point, Goliath, the dwarf who is shadowing Floyd to make sure he solves his case and goes home to his girlfriend, Wanda. Goliath is big in ego – except when it comes to the chupacabra. Then he’s not afraid to show his cowardice and go running in the opposite direction. “… My people are like candy for those things.”

This book was number two of the series but not having read the first book, I didn’t really have a problem catching up. There are characters and events mentioned from the first book but it was still easily readable. And fun – this book was just plain fun. If you can make light of Elvis and Brides of Bigfoot, you’ll enjoy this book.

Favorite Quote: A gaggle of Bigfeet.