Review: Bear Hunter by Albert Nothlit

Bear Hunter by Albert Nothlit
Release Date: September 11, 2014
Publisher: Man Love Romance Press
Pages: 172
Source: book provided by the author for review



Sven is on the run. He escaped to Alaska trying to get away, but the cops are still on his trail. Desperate, he kidnaps Matt and hides in his house. He has to keep Matt tied up, and Sven is surprised and turned on at the fact that he refuses to be intimidated. Matt fights back every single time, waiting for the moment to turn the tables. Every day of captivity, Sven gets to know Matt better. Enough to feel bad about what he’s doing. He can’t let his guard down, though. If he does, he knows Matt won’t hesitate in getting his revenge


Review: I just wanted to remind the reader that this is M/M romance and as an aside this is written by a man. I have to say, that I love m/m written by men, because there is a totally different vibe going on with the story, then when a woman writes m/m. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy women writers who write m/m, because I do. I just think it’s a nice change of pace. Men write differently then women. Men describe man parts differently, and they seem to focus more on the act of sex, where women focus more on the feelings and emotions that the characters are feeling. Not that men don’t write about feelings, it’s just not as intense.

The two protagonists Sven and Matt are two alpha men who are not going to bow down to the other. What a lovely concept. Mr. Nothlit wrote some fabulous scenes between these two guys that I’m still thinking about. Matt gives Sven a run for his money and all I have to say is that it’s truly entertaining to read.

In the blurb, it states that Matt won’t be intimidated and that is the understatement of the year. Matt is all male, pure testosterone, and will not be cowed by anyone. He makes his own decisions, he’s the leader of the group, he knows his own mind, and he’s not afraid to tell anyone that tries to take any of those things away from him.

Sven is a man that is desperate, and with desperation comes decisions making skills that are lacking, and that person finds themselves doing and saying things that they normally wouldn’t in normal circumstances. At first I didn’t like Sven because of his desperation and his questionable moral decisions. I’m glad I stayed with the story, because he’s so much more then what he appears to be.

This is the first book of Mr. Nothlit’s that I’ve read and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed with the quality of the story arc, the writing, and the characters themselves. I loved how the two characters had to learn how to trust each other and learn that what the other appeared to be wasn’t the whole person. There was so much more to each man then what was apparent.

The title of the book is Bear Hunter, but the reader needs to read the book to find out how where and when the bear hunting takes place, and how meaningful the title is to the integrity to the story. I don’t think the reader will be disappointed. Just read it.